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Torn Between Three Lovers

© Strictly copyright of the author ONE She was on her own in the office when the phone rang. "Kay?"  “Brian!  I told you not to call me at work!”   “Are you on your own?”   “Well, yes, but someone could walk in at any minute.”   She had lowered her voice and was looking anxiously at the door.  Her mind had been on work, and  phone calls from Brian always threw her into turmoil.   “Stop panicking and adopt the proper attitude towards me!”   “Sorry, Brian, I just don’t want to get into trouble!” “Calm down.  Everyone gets personal calls, don’t they?”   Not from people like you, she thought.   “Anyway,” he went on, his voice adopting that dangerous, smooth tone she knew so well.  “Why are  you calling me Brian?”   “Well – I can’t – not at work.” “Address me properly.”   She couldn’t bring herself to.  This was a different world! “Kay!”  He sounded annoyed.   “Alright!  Master.”   “That’s better.  Now keep it up.  If you stop using it, I’ll know someone’s come in.” “Yes, Master.”  As usual, she resigned herself to doing what he wanted. “Now.”  The sternness in his voice made her tingle.  “I want to know whether you’ve got knickers on.” “No, Master.” “Good.  And have you been shaving yourself like I told you to?”   “Yes, Master.” “What about a bra?  You’d better not be wearing one.” “No, of course not, Master.” “And how high are your heels?”   “Well, only about three inches, Master.  I can’t be totally blatant at the office!”   “Don’t speak to me in that tone of voice!  I’m not unreasonable, am I?” “Sorry, Master.” “Just make sure they don’t get lower than that.” “Yes, Master.” The office environment with which she was surrounded was receding from Kay’s consciousness.  This is what happened whenever she started using the word Master, and entering into this sort of subdom  rapport.  It created an intensity of concentration that blocked everything else out – and she was sure that  Brian shared it.   SM, she had decided recently, was mostly about escapism. “Touch yourself,” was her caller’s next instruction. Kay shared this office with another secretary and a young accountant, and while she happened to be on  her own right now, one of her colleagues could come back at any time.  Brian made her reckless, though.  With a rush of excitement, she slipped her hand up her skirt and touched the magic place.   “Are you doing it?” he pressed.   “Yes, Master.” “I hope you’re not lying to me!”   “I’m not, Master!” “I should hope not.  Now play with yourself while I tell you what to do.”   “Yes, Master.”  She rubbed away gently beneath her desk, getting very aroused, but still terrified by  the fact that he was making her do this at work.  Well, not really making her.  After all, she could just lie  to him, as he’d virtually suggested.  He’d never know.   Admit it, she thought to herself.  You are just an incorrigible slut.   This was what her Master was in fact telling her at that moment. “You never cease to amaze me, Kay.  Going to work with no underwear on, taking lewd phone calls  from randy men, and wanking yourself off at every opportunity.  In general, I think you’re an  exceptionally naughty girl.”   Kay groaned.  If he carried on like that he’d soon get her to the point of no return.   “I have never, ever met such an outrageously loose woman as you.  Your behaviour is absolutely  shocking, and next time you come over to my place you’re going to get well and truly punished for it.”   She pictured Brian standing over her with a cane in his hand.   Mixed feelings.   “Oh, Master, don’t be too hard on me,” she pleaded in an undertone.   “You’re always whinging!  I can be hard on you if I like!”   She thought about what the pain felt like, when Brian had given her ten or so strokes on her bare  behind.  Then she remembered how lovely and thick his cock was, and how well he teased her with the  knob of it.  She wondered if he was playing with it right now.  Very likely. “Oh, Master!” she moaned, still rubbing hard.  “You know what you do to me!” “Of course,” he said.  “Anyway, I’ve got a surprise for you.” “Oh?”   “Go and look out of the window.” “What?”   “Just do it!” She put the phone down rather gingerly, as if everything now had to be done quietly and in secret, and  crossed the room to the window.  Her office was on the first floor and looked out over a car park. The headlights flashed on a black van parked in one corner, and she could just make out the familiar  figure of Brian sitting in the driver’s seat, waving a mobile phone at her.   She hurried back to her desk.  “You’ll get me into trouble!”   “I don’t see why,” he said, laughing at her discomfort.  “Look, it’s nearly twelve.  Can you get out for  lunch?”   “Yes,” she said.  “I’ll be right there.”  And hung up.   Taking a deep breath, she scanned her desk, thinking about the work she had been doing before the  disruptive phone call, and decided there was nothing that couldn’t wait.  Then she grabbed her bag and  hurried to the toilets to check that she was presentable. A touch of lipstick, a conspiratorial glance into the excited eyes of her reflection, and she was ready  for a little lunch time adventure!   She hurried across the car park, more aware than usual of her unrestrained tits bouncing up and down,  since she knew Brian’s eyes would be on them.  He leaned across to open the door for her, and she  climbed up into the cab, breathless.   “Never hang up on me,” he snapped, the hot welcoming look in his eyes belying the anger of his  outburst.  “I may have had another instruction to give you.”   “Like what?”   “To bring the dildo I’ve told you always to carry in your handbag.”   “I brought it anyway.” “Not the point.  And how about, ‘Hello Master’?”   “Hello Master!”   “Hello darling.  Let me kiss you.”   He inclined his head towards her and she couldn’t resist.  When his hand crept up to her breast,  however, she pushed it away. “Sorry, Master, but can we please get away from here.  Seriously, I don’t want my boss to see me.” “Strict, is he?” Brian asked.   Kay threw him a glance.   “About boyfriends.”   She shook her head.  “He’s okay.  It’s just that I had some typing to do.” Brian had started the engine.  “Don’t worry, you’ll be back in an hour.”  Now put your seat belt on and  sit with your legs open.  I’ve got a place nearby we can go to.” City streets passed in a blur.  All that was on Kay’s mind was the incredible excitement she felt, as  always, to be in the proximity of her Master Brian.   He was tall and broad-shouldered, and stunningly good looking.  His hair and eyebrows were thick  and dark, and his deep brown eyes harsh and mysterious.  She knew he was forty, but he looked younger.  He always wore black leather – not bikers’ leather, but refined, expensive jackets and perfectly fitting  trousers.  His shirts were often black also, but today’s, she noticed, was a lovely deep blue colour. She couldn’t stop looking at him.  He was breathtaking!   “Am I your slave?” she whispered.   He kept his eyes on the road.  “Not yet, no.” “But nearly?”   “Nearly.  Yes, I suppose so.  It would help if you remembered to address me correctly!” “Sorry, Master.” “You’re still in training, til I say.”   “Yes, Master.” “I’m still testing you.”   “Yes, Master.”  Her tone was humble.  “I want to be your slave, Master.” “I know you do.  Why don’t you put your hand on my crotch and see what you find?” “But - ” Kay looked round at the traffic.  “But someone might see.”   Brian sighed.  “Always complaining!  Look, we’re high up in this thing.  No-one can see.  Now do as  you’re told.”   Her hand crept across and found a huge bulge beneath the leather.  She pressed it and kneaded it,  feeling it swell even more, threatening to burst the straining zip.   “Enough!”  He was doing a good job keeping his excitement under control, but it was still evident to  her practised eye.  “We’re nearly there now.” They had turned into a rather unsavoury part of town, and to her surprise he steered the van into an  alleyway which led to a block of garages.  He pulled up outside these, and jumped out to unlock the door  to one of them and hoist it up.  Then he climbed back into the cab. “Shall I get out, Master?”   “No.” “Where are we going?”   “We’re here.” He drove the van into the waiting space, killed the engine, and leaped out again to close the garage  door from the inside.  Then he came round to her side and pulled her out.   “When you said you had a place nearby,” she began, her tone playful, “I thought you meant a real  ‘place’.” Alone with her at last, he grabbed her by a wrist and twisted her arm roughly up behind her back.   “Are you complaining again?” he said in her ear.   She giggled, pleased to have him so close to her.  “No, Master.”   He glowered at her from close quarters, then let her arm go, using both hands instead to caress her  body.  He ran them around her waist, then up under her jumper, feeling her bra-less back, then moving to  the front til he held a breast in each hand.  He squeezed hard, digging the tips of his fingers in, then  caught her nipples between the base of each thumb and forefinger and squeezed some more.   Kay opened her mouth and closed her eyes, filled with pleasure at the familiar feel of his strong hands  on her naked flesh.  He played a little longer, and gave her another earth-shattering kiss.  Then he pulled  the front of her top gently up until it rested above her breasts, leaving her nipples and the round,  pendulous flesh below them exposed to his gaze.   Next he began to explore her bottom and her thighs, checking for the absence of pants, and slowly  working the material of her short skirt upwards, until it was even shorter.  When her shaven crotch came  into view, he caressed it gently, his fingers skirting the edges of the most sensitive area, enjoying the  smoothness of her denuded skin. He turned her round, making sure the skirt was hoisted high enough for the bottom of her naked  buttocks to show. “Look at you,” he said, standing back.  “Bits of you bulging out all over the place – the picture of  sluttishness.  This is how I’d have you walking round the office if you worked for me.” He stood looking at her a bit longer, one hand straying down to his own crotch.   Their eyes locked in deep, anticipatory communion.   Then he growled at her.  “Get in the back of the van, you tart.” Kay positively skipped past him to the back door of the van and found it unlocked.  There was a light  inside which revealed a makeshift carpet of rugs and cushions, and to one side, a large, rather forbidding  bag. “Is this your mobile bedroom, then?” she asked, though she had to admit she wasn’t desperate to know  quite how often he used it with other women. “It’s my mobile dungeon,” he said, climbing in after her, closing the door, and reaching immediately  for the heavily laden bag.   Kay couldn’t keep her hands off him a moment longer.  She pounced at his leather-clad backside, one  hand searching for his zip, her lips on the back of his neck. “Kay, you’re always too randy!  I’m supposed to be your Master – stop pawing me!”  But he couldn’t  resist grabbing her half-naked form, and didn’t object when she succeeded in releasing his straining cock  and grasping it tightly.   “Suck me then,” he said, “while I find something to tie you up with.”   So she dropped to his lovely cock, smelling slightly of leather as it usually did, and slipped her lips  around it. Familiarity, she thought.  I love the familiarity of being with men I know.   She moved with him, keeping her mouth firmly on his cock, while he pulled his jacket off, undid his  shirt, and rifled in the bag for some leather straps.   “Wrists together, slut,” he instructed, and she twisted round onto her back so she could offer her arms  up to him, but still keep sucking and licking at his cock from underneath.   He strapped her hands tightly together, then tied a piece of rope to them and attached the other end of  it to what must have been a specially added hook in the van’s floor.  He pulled the rope tight, forcing her  to twist around til she was aligned the way he wanted her – on her back, head towards the front, arms tied  together above her head and to the floor.   Kay kept making licking movements with her tongue as Brian’s cock was torn away from her.  She  was really enjoying herself, letting this skilful, dominant man do whatever he wanted with her.   She watched with interest as he got some broad leather cuffs out of the bag and buckled one around  each of her ankles.  These cuffs came with a length of chain attached, and it was soon clear that he  intended to hoist her legs not only wide open, but up, to more hooks in the corners of the van’s ceiling.   She found herself tightly stretched out – her bum on the floor still, but her chained up legs keeping her  in position, with all her naked, shaven charms displayed to her Master’s gaze.  She wriggled around,  experimenting with lifting her bottom up off the floor towards Brian’s face, and squealed with suppressed  excitement.   “Not too much noise,” he told her.  “Just in case.” Of course, she had almost forgotten they were just in a garage down a seedy alleyway.  Anyone could  walk past and wonder at the strange noises coming from within. Brian felt a flood of arousal as he knelt looking down at his slave’s spread-eagled legs and bulging tits.  He loved this feeling of control – having her there ready for him, dependent on him.   He loved the idea of keeping her clothes on.  It was just a quickie after all.  Whip her out of the office,  whip her into the back of a van, whip her skirt up – whip her – then whip her back to work again! He smiled down at his chained plaything.  “I do think that you’re enjoying yourself rather too much,”  he said, and conjured a short rubber whip from out of the bag. Kay looked at it in a considered way.  Rubber whips usually weren’t that bad.  She could take a lot  from a thing like that – much more than from a leather one.  As long as he didn’t use the very tips of it,  that was.  And as long as he didn’t whip her cunt. Brian was now more than ready for action. “Listen to me,” he said, pushing her skirt up further til it was bunched round her waist.  “I haven’t got  much time – I’m supposed to be working too, you know – so this is what I’m going to do.”  He looked at  his watch.  “I’m going to whip you for five minutes, then I’m going to fuck you for as long as it takes.  Now it’s going to be painful – the whipping, that is – but I don’t want to hear a sound til it’s over, do you  understand?  You can’t scream in here, obviously.  Do I need to gag you?” She shook her head. “Behave then,” he said, and raised the whip.   “Master?” she exclaimed.   “What?”   “Will you – you know?  I can’t do it like this, Master.”   She was referring to stimulation.  He was very aware that to obtain relief herself while tied up, she was  dependent on him using his fingers or tongue or possibly cock to bring her off.   He shook his head at her.  “You’re far too demanding to be a slave, you know.  It’s my pleasure that  matters, remember.  I’ll see to you if I’ve got time.  If not, you’ll just have to wank yourself off in the  toilets back at work, won’t you?” “Of course, Master.  I’m sorry, Master.  Please use me for your pleasure, Master.” “That’s better.  Now, I’m serious – I don’t want a word from you til you’re next addressed.  Okay?” She nodded, and the whipping began.   He was careful, but he was harsh.  The strokes rained down on her thighs, the bottom of her buttocks,  her belly, her tits.  He did use the tips of the whip, and he did whip her cunt.  In fact most of the strokes  fell in the area of her crotch, making her jerk and flinch and squirm, but also driving her into an escapist  high, and arousing her no end.   He knew where it hurt most, and he knew where she could take most.  He varied his target expertly,  always watching her face, working towards that level of pain that was just too much, then falling back.   They were both in a state of emotional rapture.  That such a thing as a stylised punishment like this  could have such an effect on two people might not be believed by those who haven’t tried it.  But there  was no doubt that there was nothing but consent and enjoyment in the back of that concealed van.  Well,  there was pain too, but pain that wasn’t unwelcome.  Pain that was a means to an end. She obeyed his instructions and didn’t call out, though she whimpered quite a bit, and occasionally  said things like ‘please’ and ‘Master’ very quietly under her breath.   He forgot to look at his watch, and whipped her for more than five minutes.  Whipped her til his  erection was almost painful, and he could no longer resist the allure of her wet, tortured pussy.   Still with trousers and shirt on, he grasped his cock and lingered for a moment at the entrance to her  sopping cunt.  Her breathing was faster now, and her eyes told him she liked what he was doing and  needed more.  It was no good, though – he had to have her, and almost of its own accord his manhood  slipped deep into her hole.   Kay ground her hips up against him, using the way her legs were chained to lift herself up and force  him even deeper into her.  She loved the way he pressed down onto her, and sucked at her tits –  transformed for the moment from cruel Master to just plain lover.  She loved the way he draped the whip  over her face, so the smell of rubber mingled in her nose with that of leather, and of gently sweating man.   She wished her arms were free, so she could wrap them around him, but on the other hand it was  wonderful to get fucked like this with your arms and legs strapped out of the way, and your body  vulnerable and exposed to your lover’s attentions.   He fucked her relatively slowly, enjoying each stroke, shaking his head a little as if to say he couldn’t  believe how nice it was.  He clutched at her bum when she raised herself up, bit at the flesh of her breasts,  grabbed at her hair.  He came with his hands pressed down hard on her arms, and his lips on hers, between the strips of rubber, inhaling its perfume with that on her skin.   “You’re a brilliant fuck, Kay,” he told her, when the orgasm and the kiss finally ended.  “I’m pleased  with you.” “Thank you, Master,” she managed.  His weight was crushing her now. He kissed her again – tongue exploring gently – and she felt torn between emotional contentment and  a purely physical frustration.  His fucking had brought her almost to orgasm but not quite.   Move that tongue to where it matters, she wanted to say, and perhaps with another man she would  have said it.  But she had already been warned once about being demanding, and she wanted to play the  game.  It was not for a slave to beg a Master to please her. He must have read her thoughts, however, because he suddenly lifted himself off and out of her, and  crawled up to the flexible partition that separated the ‘dungeon’ from the seats.   “Where’s your bag – in the front?” he asked, but before she could answer, he’d already reached into  the passenger seat somehow, and got it. He extracted the dildo and showed it too her.  It wasn’t huge, but was just what she needed at this  moment. He pushed it slowly into her and wiggled it around, just the way she liked.   Fingers, now, she begged him silently, and sure enough he slipped a couple of fingers down to the  sides of her clit and began to massage the area with rapid circular movements.   So many men got it wrong, and were too direct – but Brian hadn’t even needed to be instructed.  He  did it in a way that spoke volumes about past experience, but was very welcome.   “Lie back and think of whipping!” he said, and she duly obliged.  Just a few minutes of expert  stimulation coupled with a nice heavy fantasy and she was over the edge.   A nice big one, as they often were in the middle of the day – deep and pulsating.   She thrashed about a little as he worked the dildo around in her, then collapsed back onto the hard  floor. “Oh, thank you, Master, thank you!” she said.  “That was wonderful.  Perfect!” He lay down beside her, and moved the whip away from her face. “I wish I had time to fuck you again, now, but I’m afraid it will have to wait.  I’ll tell you what else I’d  do, if I had more time.  Whip you some more, then drive you round town for a bit, nicely tied up as you  are now.  Would you like that?” Kay thought about what it would feel like, lying alone in the back of a van with her legs tied wide  open, while being driven through a busy city centre – the erotic spectacle she was making remaining a  secret from all those spectacle-hungry men out there in their cars or looking down on boring streets from  office windows. What a thrill it would be, not knowing where you were being driven, or where your Master might park  and leave the van, or for how long?   What if they were in an accident, though?  Or the Police stopped them on a roadblock and asked to see  what was inside? “Maybe,” she said, eventually.  “I suppose I could be talked into it.”   He played with a nipple.  “I’ll do it if I want to, young lady!  I could do it now, couldn’t I?  I don’t  know – you’re just nowhere near trained yet!” She pulled against her bonds.  “Okay, drive around now then.  I’ll prove to you how good a slave I can  be, Master.” “That you will, but I told you, I haven’t got time at the moment.  In fact, I need to get moving, so after  I’ve untied you, you can sort yourself out and get on your way.” “Pardon?”   “I haven’t got time to take you back – I’ve spent too long variously engaged with your pussy.  You can  walk up the road and catch a bus.” “But Master – I’ll be late!”   “Make some excuse.  It was worth it, wasn’t it?” Kay swallowed.  He didn’t understand.   “Master, I’ve got no pants on!” “So?”   “This skirt rides up when I walk, Master.” “Well just keep pulling it down!”   “But your spunk will be running out down my legs, Master.”   “No-one will notice.”   “It’s such a rough area, though, Master.” “Weak excuses for laziness!  We’re not in the wilds, you know – you can get a cab on the main road.  Have you got enough money?”   “Yes, Master.” “Then you’ll be fine.”   “If you say so, Master.” “Kay?”  He rolled half on top of her again.   “Yes, Master?” He hesitated, then whispered.  “You know what you do to me?” She drew in a delighted breath, and forgot all her concerns.       TWO   Kay arrived back at the office just before two o’clock, flustered – despite her underlying contentment – at  not having been able to get a cab.  She’d walked part of the way and her feet hurt.  Also, her cunt and tits  were sore from the whipping. Greg, the young accountant – or accounts assistant, to be more accurate – was at his desk. “Mr Hall’s looking for you,” he said, in the tone of a petulant schoolboy.  “He wants to know where  his typing is.”   “Shit,” Kay muttered under her breath.   “What was that?” said Greg. “Nothing.”  She glared straight into his eyes, nastily.  “What did you tell him?”   “That I hadn’t seen you since before twelve, of course.” “Oh, thanks!” She was just settling herself at her desk when Mr Hall – her boss – made an appearance.   “A word with you in my office, Miss Jones.” “Yes, Sir,” she mumbled, and followed him, ignoring Greg’s gleeful grin.   Mr Hall closed the office door and took a seat behind his large, forbidding desk.  Kay’s boss was an  imposing man in his forties, always in an impeccable suit, his slightly greying hair adding authority to a  polished business air and the layers of false charm that fooled his customers so well.   He was tapping the tips of his fingers together like a school teacher.   “Long lunch, Miss Jones?”   “I’m really sorry, Sir, I had a call from an old friend.  I didn’t know that job of yours was urgent – I’ll  get to it straight away.  It won’t take me long.” “I’m afraid you won’t, Miss Jones.  I’m afraid you’ll be finishing it off this evening, after everyone  has gone home.  You see, I need you in here this afternoon for a meeting.” Kay’s spirits sunk at the thought of working late.   “Yes, Mr Hall,” she said, keeping her voice level.   “And I shall be asking Greg to join us.  Carol’s gone home, and I’ve left the answer-phone on, so we  shouldn’t be disturbed.”   She carried on standing opposite his desk; he hadn’t invited her to sit down.   “But first, my dear,” the well-spoken voice continued, “I think I need to teach you a little lesson about  long lunch hours.  That is, why you shouldn’t take them.”  He leaned forward.  “Turn around.” “Mr Hall, please!”   “Then bend over and touch your toes.” “Dennis!  Does it have to be now?”   “Yes.” She suppressed a huge sigh.  She felt like she was only just getting her breath back from having been  whipped and fucked by Brian, and here she was, straight from out of the clutches of one Master into those  of another! Only she couldn’t tell him – couldn’t explain that she had just allowed herself to be beaten by  someone else – because Dennis was so possessive of her in that way.  He liked to do all the beating  himself – or at least witness it – and it hurt his feelings if he thought she’d been getting punishment  elsewhere. Kay had known Dennis a long time.  Several years, in fact – since he had given her a job straight out  of college.  They’d had a little fling, and he had introduced her to certain adventurous practices.  Then she  had discovered he had a wife he didn’t love and two children he adored, and had distanced herself from  him. They still had an arrangement, though.  He gave her a well paid job – and there was no doubt that it  was a real, busy one, not a soft option – and she allowed him to continue to indulge some of his sexual  inclinations with her.   Now with some other woman, this might have been exploitation, but Kay was different.  She knew she  didn’t have to stay, but then, being a particularly intelligent and independent 24 year old, she also knew  herself very well.   She liked the job, and she liked Dennis Hall, and she liked the sort of things they did together.  Her  working life suited her perfectly well – so she turned round like a good girl, and bent over to touch her  toes, knowing very well what would happen next, because it had happened so many times before.   Dennis strolled around his desk to have a closer look at Kay’s knickerless bum.  On his way, he picked  a long cane up from where he kept it – hidden behind some books on a shelf.   Kay felt the cane touch her thighs, then slide up over her behind, pushing the bottom of her skirt up a  little further.   Dennis suddenly crouched down right behind her, inspecting her close up.  She didn’t think the rubber  whip had left any noticeable marks – perhaps just a general redness which could be attributed to heat or  arousal.  Whatever he saw, though, he made no comment.  It could’ve been that he suspected that she’d  been up to something during her long absence from the office, but preferred not to know. He touched her gently, running the backs of his fingers along the overhang of her buttocks – that most  sensitive place.   “This is where I’m going to cane you,” he said.  “To make sure that it really hurts.” Even though she had come relatively recently, this statement from her cruel boss sent little twinges of  arousal to her pussy.  There was no doubting her masochistic urges! Dennis pushed her legs a little wider apart, so he could see her tits hanging down – her top had fallen  away from them when she bent over – through her thighs.  He pulled on the fat orbs for a bit,  manoeuvring them into a more visible position, then stood up again.   “Do you accept your punishment, Miss Jones?” “Yes, Mr Hall.”   “Are you sorry for having taken a long lunch break?”   No way, she thought, but nevertheless responded dutifully, “Yes, Mr Hall.”   “Just ten, I think,” her employer informed her.  “And remember to say thank you after each one.” He caned with great accuracy – each stroke falling in the sensitive overhang of her buttocks as  promised – and moderate force.  He waited between strokes, giving her time to regain position and  anticipate the next blow – always wondering if it would be a harder one.  He knew exactly what strength  of stroke would make her only gasp, what strength would cause her to scream involuntarily, and what  strength would knock her onto the floor in squirming agony.  And he knew pretty well how long the  marks he was now inflicting on her smooth skin would last – several days.   He was an expert. “Thank you, Master,” Kay said for the last time, truly grateful that the caning hadn’t been as hard as  she knew it might have been.   She stayed in position – legs straight and open, arms reaching down, tits bulging through between her  thighs – while her boss lectured her. “You should know by now that I expect discipline in my office.  If you’d asked me first whether you  could take a longer break, it might have been different.  As it was, I was furious to find my typing hadn’t  been done and you’d disappeared.”  He was pacing up and down behind her.  “If it happens again it’ll be  twenty strokes, and I’ll keep you here, working, til ten at night!”   Eventually, Dennis allowed his secretary to stand up.   He instructed her to hoist her skirt right up at the back – so he could see the nice reddened state he had  got her bottom into – and to take her top off, so her tits were easily visible and accessible.  Then she had  to place her feet apart, put her hands behind her neck, and stick her tongue out as far as it would go.  Only  then did Dennis take his cock out and begin to stroke it.   “I’ve been lenient over the summer,” he informed Kay, “but as of tomorrow, I want you in stockings  again.  Don’t forget!” She shook her head. “Usually black, occasionally white, and with a varying selection of gaudily coloured knickers.”   Oh dear, Kay thought.  One Master wants me with knickers on, the other with them off.  There was  going to be a lot of hurried slipping on and off of underwear!   “Also from now on, you are going to come into this office just before nine o’clock every morning, and  polish the seat of my chair with your tits.  In fact, you can do it now, while I watch to see if you’re  making sufficient effort and doing it properly.  Over there, quickly!  And in silence.”   With her hands still up behind her neck and with her tongue still out, Kay hurried round to the far side  of her boss’s desk and dropped to her knees in front of his big black leather upholstered chair. Tentatively, she leaned forward and rubbed her naked breasts over the edge of the leather.  This was a  new task and she wasn’t sure yet how difficult it would be.  She had polished boots before with her tits –  literally polished, with black shoe shine smeared all over them – but not chairs.   She wondered if she was allowed to use her hands to help, but didn’t dare ask.  The cane was lying on  the edge of the desk, and she didn’t feel like getting any more of it at that moment!   “Rub harder!” Dennis barked at her, and she rubbed harder, watching her nipples stand up in response  to the friction. “Right up to the back, come on.  Get up if you have to.” The humiliation of being watched while she struggled and strived to get at every bit of that seat with  her tits was awful.  She was forced to crouch in ungainly positions, and wriggle around ludicrously – all  without using her hands, even to help keep her balance.   “Every morning,” Dennis repeated.  “Before I get in.  Nice and hard, for about ten minutes.”  His  erection was raging now, from having watched her half-clothed antics from behind.  “So that when I sit  down to begin the day’s work, I know my chair’s been properly prepared by your submissive tits.” Kay couldn’t help it, she was dreadfully aroused again.  She liked the idea of her tits being submissive.  Yes, using parts of her body to do what a duster would normally do to a piece of soft leather which would  spend the day cushioning her boss’s arse – this suited her character. “Now, climb up onto the desk and get back into position – legs nice and wide.”   As Kay set about obeying this new command – again rightly assuming that she wasn’t to use her hands  to help – Dennis picked up the phone.   “Greg, you can join us now.” Kay grimaced, and Dennis saw it.   “What’s wrong, my dear?  Don’t you like our little friend?  He has his uses, wouldn’t you say?”   But before Kay could decide whether or not to reply, the ever-grinning trainee accountant had  appeared in the room.  He stood looking up at the sight Kay made, standing topless on the table with her  legs wide and her tongue out, and actually rubbed his hands together.   “Lock the door,” Dennis told him in a quiet, familiar tone, and himself crossed to the window to draw  the blinds.  It was blackened glass, and hence unnecessary, but he preferred an intimate feel.  “Right.”  He sat down in the leather chair Kay had just polished so novelly.  “I’ve got a pile of  correspondence to get through here, so prepare yourself to take notes.  On all fours, please along the  length of the table – knees as wide apart as you can get.”   She dropped into position, very aware of her upthrust, welt covered bottom, and her heavy, drooping  tits. “Here’s a pad and pencil.”  Dennis slid the equipment in front of her.  “Make sure you concentrate and  get every word.” Kay’s shorthand was very good, and it had to be said that she was used to taking it in some rather  unusual positions.   She looked askance at Greg, however, who was sidling up to the desk, and wondered quite what role  he was going to play. “You may spank her, Greg,” Dennis elucidated.  “For as long as you like.”   The young man’s face lit up, and immediately his hands were all over her, squeezing her bum,  exploring between her legs, moving up to grab at her swinging breasts.  She tried to keep still while he  pawed her, but couldn’t help struggling a little at his rather rough onslaught.   Then he spanked her hard, and she yelped, only to be immediately admonished by her boss.  She  wasn’t to complain.  She was to keep as still as possible in her all fours position on top of the desk, and  take whatever punishment was meted out to her without a sound. Greg yanked her skirt right up out of the way, and proceeded to spank her just about as hard as he  could, on alternate buttocks.  She glanced at Dennis, appealing mutely for him to exert some control over  the force of Greg’s blows, but he wouldn’t even meet her eye.  He was watching what Greg was doing,  and caressing himself gently under the table.   “Dear Sir,” he said after a while.  “I refer to your letter of last week, in which – problem, Miss Jones?”   Struggling to conquer the pain Greg’s heavy hand was inflicting on her freshly caned bottom, Kay  remembered she was supposed to be working at the same time, and picked up her pencil quickly.   “I refer to your letter of last week –”  SPANK!  “– in which you asked me to look into –” SPANK! “–  the Dobson matter.  I have reviewed our files –” SPANK! “– and found nothing which I feel –” SPANK!  “– would be of any assistance to you.  New paragraph.” SPANK! “I have referred your case to a colleague  –” SPANK! “– and will be in touch with you again shortly –” SPANK! “– with a recommendation.  Yours,  etc.” Kay scribbled fast while Greg laid into her with increasing force.  The blows were now so heavy that  they were causing her to slide forwards over the polished desk.  A couple more heavy ones and she would  topple over the end!   “Dear Mr Thompson.”  At this point Dennis got up and walked around to the side of the desk, waiting  for the blows to slide his secretary along the table top into a perfect position for sucking his cock.  “Thank  you –“  SPANK!  “ – for your recent letter.”  SPANK!  “Miss Jones, why isn’t your tongue out, like it was told to be?!”   She stuck her tongue out quickly, and a particularly hard blow from behind brought it firmly into  contact with the tip of Dennis’s rock hard penis. “Move it around,” she was told, and obediently flicked her tongue over the pink, dribbling end of the  shaft in front of her.  Another sweeping blow on her behind, and she had been spanked right onto it, her  lips parted forcefully by the length of the cock pushing into her mouth.   “Now I expect you to suck me, using all your skill, but continuing to take down dictation, like the  obedient assistant that you are.  And for every mistake that I find later, you will receive not one, but two  strokes of that cane – on your tits this time.  You’re an accomplished secretary, I know, and also a  competent sex slave, so there’s absolutely no reason I can see why you shouldn’t be able to suck cock, get spanked, and take dictation all at the same time.”   And it was true; she could manage it, though it wasn’t easy. Greg’s attentions were becoming more sexual.  He was rubbing her slit and pulling her rear end closer  to the edge of the table so he could rub his newly released cock against her thigh.  He was making little  whimpering noises as his arousal grew, and even jumping up and down a little with a mixture of  excitement and impatience.  He ran his hands over her back, watching wide-eyed her greedy sucking of  Dennis’s prick. “I want to get at her tits, boss,” he whined. So Kay was pushed over onto her back – her head hanging backwards over the edge of the table from  where she could pay attention to the underside of Dennis’s private parts, and with Greg virtually climbing  onto the table in his eagerness to suck at her tits. Yet, still, Kay had to keep taking notes – her hands holding pad and pencil up in the air, her head  bobbing to catch glimpses of what she was writing. At last, though, Dennis tired of the game.  By this time he was dictating rubbish anyway.   “Do you want to fuck her, Greg?” he asked his slobbering assistant. “Oo, yes please, boss.” “Climb on then.”   It was a good thing it was a sturdy desk.  A few pens and paper clips went flying as Greg scrambled on top of Kay.  With little preamble his long cock pushed its way into her and began to pound away  rhythmically.  Dennis let Kay have a break from her sucking, propping her head up on his stomach,  playing with her tits, and watching as Greg thumped away with youthful vigour.   “Play with yourself as he fucks you, Miss Jones,” he instructed, and Kay slipped a hand down to her  clit for a good rub. Rather to her surprise, she came almost immediately.  The caning, spanking and general sexual  attention had obviously had their effect.   “Push!” she called out.  “Come on, push deeper inside me!”   Greg thrust his cock in as deep as it would go, and came with a half shout, as he felt Kay’s  contractions on his shaft. “Well done, staff,” Dennis chuckled.  “Managing it together like that!”  Then he grabbed hard at Kay’s  hair.  “Come on, you slut.  It’s my turn now.” Greg rolled off and collapsed into a chair, while Dennis yanked Kay into the position he wanted her in  – feet on the floor, leaning forward over his desk. “This is the way I like my secretaries,” he said as he dived into her dripping hole.   He fantasised out loud as he fucked her. “When I’ve got the time and the money, I’ll build a high-tech office like you’ve never seen before. The  word processor will be connected electronically to a dildo up your cunt.  If you type at a suitably high  speed it’ll be activated to stimulate you.  But every time you make an error it will automatically give you  an unpleasant little electric shock.  What a way to eliminate typos, eh?  Mind you, the same effect could  be achieved by having someone stand behind you with a  whip, so I suppose it doesn’t have to be high-  tech.  Except that it means you could be left on your own, at the mercy of a machine!” He pictured Kay sitting on a dildo stool, wired to her PC, and periodically going ‘ouch’ when she  made a mistake.  Then he extended the image to a roomful of typing students – naked of course – at a  secretarial college, and shot his load with a massive thrust and a gasp.   Then he also backed into a seat, and the two men sat and watched their mingled spunk running down  Kay’s thighs as she stayed in position, lying forward over the desk.   Kay felt drained but elated.  What a way to spend an afternoon at work!  She loved the eroticism of  being sexual in unusual places.  No doubt she was far from the first woman to be fucked over an office  desk, but how many, she wondered, had been caned and spanked and fucked by two – no, three -  men on that particular afternoon.  Not many, she reckoned – but then you never knew.  All sorts of things  probably went on behind closed doors and darkened windows in a city like this.   After a few minutes of silence, she made to get up from her submissive position, but was promptly  snapped at. “And where do you think you’re going?”   She dropped down again, resigned.   “Don’t think we’ve finished with you yet, young lady.  I told you I had a lot of paperwork to get  through, and we’ve hardly started.  Now pick up that pencil, Miss Jones, and get writing!     THREE   Kay arrived home at about nine o’clock that evening, having spent nearly two hours alone in the office,  struggling to finish the complicated word processing task she should have been working on earlier in the  day. Her bottom was so sore from the whipping, caning and spanking it had experienced that day, that she  had hardly been able to sit down, and had spent a lot of time wriggling around on her seat trying to get  comfortable.  She had even been forced to do some of the typing standing up and leaning over, which  hadn’t been much fun (though it had afforded an interesting view to a certain young office employee who  had stayed behind to spy on her through a distant doorway). As she let herself into the house, therefore, all she was thinking of was having a bath and collapsing  into bed.   Two seconds after entering, however, she was yet again in the clutches of a demanding, obviously very randy male.   “Kay, baby, where have you been?  I’ve been watching tapes all evening, waiting for you to come  home.  I had to shoot once – I’ve got this amazing new film where this bird gets plastered in it – but I’m  saving the second one for you!” It was Kevin, Kay’s live-in lover.   “I’m sorry to be late, sweet,” she said, kissing him.  “I had to work late.” “Come and see this,” he said, dragging her through into the front room by her wrist.  “I’m just bursting  for you, baby!” She followed him to the video, and allowed herself to be mauled as he replayed the sequences on his  new tape that had particularly aroused him.   “Oh, God, imagine that was you,” he enthused.  “I’d love to see you playing with a load of black ones  like that.  Hey, let’s have your tits – mm, lovely!”   She lay back on the sofa and let him play.  She had a soft spot for Kevin.  She didn’t love him, but his  endless enthusiasm was endearing, and their relationship was easy going and uncomplicated – besides  which he was an excellent fuck and helped her to satisfy her immense desire for sex.   He loved giving oral, a fact which he now proceeded to demonstrate by burrowing his head between  her legs and licking away with muted expressions of glee.   Then he noticed the marks on her legs.  “Here, let’s see your bum.” She twisted round and let him pull up her skirt.  He drew in a sharp breath.   “Has that Hall guy been caning you at work again?  The lecher!”   “Yes, all bloody afternoon,” Kay answered.   “Not too much?” “Well, no.  He knows what I can take.” “Did he fuck you?”   “Yes, of course.” “What else happened?”   “Well, Greg was there.” “And?”   “Well, I saw Brian at lunchtime.  Took me out in his van.”   “And I bet he gave you a good seeing to as well.”   “Yes.” “So you’ve had quite a day?”   “Yes.” “Well, it ain’t over yet!”  With this Kevin slid his stiffy up her from behind and was finished in just a  few strokes – running his hands over her damaged buttocks appreciatively, and calling her all manner of  names. Kay didn’t keep any sexual secrets from Kevin.  He loved to hear about her exploits and understood  that she just wasn’t a one man woman.  Besides which he fucked around something chronic himself. He fixed her a drink and they cuddled up.   “What about your day, then?” Kay asked.  “Any luck at the Job Centre?”   Kevin was – professionally disadvantaged.   “Nah, it’s a waste of time.  I met a couple of other blokes though, and we went for a drink.” Kay laughed.  “So the Job Centre serves as a social club, does it?”   “Well, we just got chatting.  Anyway, I told them about you.” “Told them what?” “Well, you know.  Lots.” “In the Job Centre?”   “No, in the pub.  Like, after a few drinks.  Anyway, I hope you don’t mind but I asked them over  tonight.”   Kay’s eye’s widened.  “What?  When?” “Er, nine-ish.”   “That’s in fifteen minutes!”   “Sorry, sugar.  They were just so keen to meet you.” “I bet!  What are they expecting?”   “Nothing!  Well, I didn’t promise anything.  Let’s just see how it goes, huh?”   Kay disentangled herself from Kevin’s embrace and slipped up to the bedroom.     (To be continued..)
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