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These are genuine comments from readers about my sex writing

Direct from male readers:

'It's very good...some of the best erotica I've ever read.'

'Your writing certainly is hot - you have a real flair for erotic prose!'

'I love your imagination.. or is it past experiences... ;) you probably

never expected to hear it from a guy, but your words turned me on more

than most pictures that I've seen on the net.'

'Your writing is very unique, and so very hot.  I will be sure to tell

everyone I meet about it. I am sure they will love it as much as I do...'

'It's all really horny stuff.'

'Wow very erotic!!!! If the "I am a slut" is true, do u want to fuck?'

'I've just been reading one of your stories... the one with Zoe and the

Master. Loved it...very horny indeed. I think I probably leaked slightly in

the course of it! I don't think I'm particularly submissive but I would love

to have been one of those guys required to arouse Zoe for hours on end.'

'I just want to say your stories are great. ..your cock hardening stories…

they were so damn good and they made me cum so damn hard. ..those

beautiful words.. I've practically memorised them anyway, and I want to

thank you for writing them! PS I came 7 times in one night reading your

stuff, that's my record, oh and then twice more on the morning before

work… and once at work.'

'I would really like to read more of your stories - I do find them

incredibly erotic!'

'Your books are proving a great read and tremendous food for thought.'

'Another first class read.'

‘I found your website intriguing, especially to hear about your

experiences of dogging, from a woman's point of view.  So much of what

you say is so true!  The only thing you haven't really captured is the

extreme BOREDOM of it, for us blokes.  You can hang about night after

night and not get a glimpse of a woman - but it's so addictive, and such

a turn on when something does happen.  Every time I see someone out

there now I'll wonder if it's you - hey, for all I know we've shagged

already!  Also LOVE your sub dom stuff - wow, you sure have an

imagination!  Keep writing and look after yourself.’

From reviews of Yes, Master!:

“I love Abby's introduction right at the beginning, about the story being

her soul. No wonder she writes such fun erotica, she is an avid enjoyer

of it herself (and I agree on the condoms!).”

“I have read a good amount of erotica in the years I've been allowed

(and let's be honest, a little before then) and have to say that Gold's is

done in a way that not only teaches and inspires but entices and maybe

gives folks a few ideas to heat things up. A really good read.”

“As someone who is not terribly sexually experienced, I find books like

these that are testimonies of others' experience to be highly

educational... It gives a good insight on a personal experience in the

field, of someone who knows what they're doing and is enjoying

themselves so it allows those who are inexperienced or have never

branched out from the vanilla to learn and figure out what it's like to do

these sorts of things.”

“Not everyone is as eager to be open and honest as Abby, so being able

to look inside the mind of an extremely sexual person was eye opening,

and fascinating.”

“If you ever wanted to see someone being real about what being

addicted to sex is like, this is the book for you!”

From reviews of Testing Zoe:

“There were plenty of flashes of brilliant writing and description that

drew me into them. The scene at the end of chapter four with Zoe

standing in the pond, for instance, was especially amazing. And the

letter to Mickie, letting us get a glimpse of a customer’s experience of

Zoe’s pub time is another amazing part.”

“The end of “She decided.” leaves me wondering what I would have

decided in her position.  Maybe that’s the point.”

“I find Zoe's ability to be dominated in the way that she wants to be

stronger than that of someone who asserts themselves. The

master/slave trope in erotic fantasies are not always this well put-

together, but Abby has found a way to make it not only well constructed

but also a very enjoyable read. I'm enjoying not only that Zoe is pleased

to be in the position that she is, but that it is repeatedly stated that she

loves submission, and that she loves Phillip, besides.”

“A very enjoyable book, in both writing and content... If you're a fan of

hardcore BDSM, then this book is going to top your list of must reads!”

Some comments from reviews of Testing Zoe: Very erotic. A very pleasant and erotic read. A roller coaster of a SM fantasy and … a pleasant read. I felt a bit naughty reading this and even naughtier actually quite enjoying it. Never violent or extreme, the reader is often left to use their imagination. The subject matter is sexual but never too graphic. Some really well written sections. A scintillating fun read. So much better than EL James Fifty Shades series. I would recommend this book to those … who have read the '50 shades' trilogy and want something that is actually readable and enjoyable instead. What a book, pure filth!

From reviews of Fantasy Island:

“The characters were very realistic and multi-dimensional. Excellent work

there. The relationships and their emotions are fascinating... I loved

seeing how things changed between them over time.”

“The chapters reading as they did initially, Lee, Jake, Geoff, Daniel and

Marnie, in the format of six seconds, six minutes, six hours, six days, six

weeks and etcetera, is really interesting, giving only parts of the story

from various different points of view to give insight on the mindset of

some of the individual men that will undoubtedly have their way with


“I enjoy the way the author has cultivated each individual character to

give them a personality independent of how they react with other

characters, and then embellished upon that with their interaction with

everyone else on the island, including Marnie.”

“Overall this book was very empowering an immensely well-written, and

built up a good story and good characters before it even got to the good

stuff. And the good stuff is very, very good. :) “

“This author is seriously good at writing a kind of low key but piercing

sadness, and it comes through in a variety of ways. There is unrequited

love, realisation of probable fatal illness, angst about a selfish choice,

and the final situation ...... This is the main appeal of this story to me.”

“The main narrative ends after sixty years with incredible poignancy.”

From reviews of Dogging:

“This book is interesting and thought-provoking... Reading it was

entertaining... Technically I noticed no errors, not even the usual handful

of typos.”

“This book is an interesting look at the subject of dogging. If you like

examining topical erotica through a variety of viewpoints, you will

probably like this book.”

“I went into this expecting a trashy sex novel. I was shockingly surprised

to find a rather well written book.”

From reviews of Ode to Sex:

Some comments from reviews of Ode to Sex: A nice little collection of erotica. Some erotic poetry that was surprisingly good. I loved the short stories. More please.

(More comments welcome!)

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“Your writing is very unique, and so very hot.”
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