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Torn Between Three Lovers - About

Oh dear, Kay thought.  One Master wants me with knickers on, the other with them off.  There was going to be a lot of hurried slipping on and off of underwear! “You’re an accomplished secretary, I know, and also a competent sex slave, so there’s absolutely no reason I can see why you shouldn’t be able to suck cock, get spanked, and take dictation all at the same time.”

Kay is being a very naughty girl - and getting in some scrapes!

  First her day at work is interrupted by her dom lover Brian calling round to see her in his ‘mobile

dungeon’.  She sneaks out for a fucking and a whipping, but ends up having to walk back to the 

office with no knickers on.

  Her boss, Dennis, isn’t too pleased, and before she knows it, she’s getting another spanking 

and another fucking - from him and his male assistant.  Dennis is strict - and he doesn’t know 

about Brian!

  Never mind, once her difficult day is over, she can head home - to Kevin, her live-in lover.  But 

what will happen when Kevin sees the marks on her bum from all the whipping and caning she’s 

had that day?

  Having three lovers can be fun - but where will it end?

                                   Erotic Writing
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