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Testing Zoe - Extract - Public Places

My position on condoms; yes when doing it, no when writing about it One bright morning, after a typically sex-filled and obedience-orientated night before,  Master Philip informed Zoe that she was to undergo a special test, which would involve  going out with him in public as his 'slave', and behaving exactly as he instructed.    "It is a question of trust," he explained, as she looked at him tentatively.  "You must  abandon control to me totally - obey me without question, and trust that I won't let any harm  befall you."    Zoe couldn't help wondering what exactly he had in mind, and what she was letting herself  in for, but she was ready to be tested, and the thought of going out with her Master was  exciting, so she nodded her agreement.    "Let's have a look at what's in your special wardrobe, shall we, and choose something  appropriate?"    He took his slave by the hand and led her into one of the spare rooms (his house had  several) where a built-in wardrobe and an extra rail held a variety of different garments, all  of which he had purchased - or had made - for her.  Ignoring for the moment the more extreme rubber and leather creations, he browsed  through a selection of mini skirts, and picked out an exceptionally short, shiny black satin  one.    "Put this on - now," he told her.    The skirt was very tight, but had been adjusted to allow for Zoe's relatively small waist and  relatively full hips, and so fitted perfectly.    It was much shorter than the currently acceptable day wear fashion of mid-thigh.  It came  down to only just below the swell of her buttocks at the back, and seemed to barely cover  the bush of her pubes at the front.  It was prostitute length.    She tugged it downwards, self-consciously.  "Surely it's too short to go out in, Master?"  she couldn't help saying.    The response was predictable.  "I'll be the judge of that!"    "But look," she whispered.  "You can see the marks on my thighs!"  It was true, the  previous day's activities had left tell-tale stripes on the smooth white skin of her legs.    "They'll be hidden by your stockings," said Master Philip dismissively.  He rummaged in a  drawer, and pulled out some black hold-ups.  "Here, try these."    He sat on a chair and watched as Zoe pulled them on.  The elasticated tops came to just  about the same level as her skirt. If she stood completely still, she was decent, but as soon  as she took a step, little flashes of pale flesh could be seen between the two blacks.    Zoe wondered where on earth her Master intended to take her dressed like this, and  hoped at least it would be some sort of adult club, and not until after dark!    "Now these."  She was handed some painfully high heels - four inches at least, and black  and shiny to go with the skirt.    "Now you're ready from the waist down," Master Philip said.    Zoe might have guessed that she wouldn't be allowed to wear knickers, though with a skirt  this short, it seemed exceptionally risky and blatant.  She would have to be really careful  about stairs!    "Walk up and down a little, so I can watch you."    Her Master's voice was always so calm and authoritative, like he couldn't conceive of  being crossed.  She responded to it automatically.    "Swing your hips a little more!  Mm, that's nice.  Yes, the careful observer might spot the  signs of punishment as you walk, but most people wouldn't even recognise what they were  looking at.  Now let me see what it looks like when you bend forward.  Turn right round.   Good.  And try sitting down.  Very nice!"    Zoe looked down with horror at the amount of thigh exposed when her skirt rode up on  sitting.  She started to tug the stockings up, but he stopped her.    "Leave them.  And part your legs a little."  He got up and crouched down right opposite  her, dipping his head to look up her skirt.  "Oh, yes, you can see everything."    Zoe began to worry a little more about where they were going.  She didn't want to get  arrested!   "Well," her Master was saying, as he stepped back to the wardrobe, "much as I like to see  those fat tits of yours bouncing around like that, I suppose we'd better cover you up just a  little.  How about this?"    He held up a very small, very low cut, sequined tee-shirt.    She didn't dare comment.  She couldn't tell if he was serious.    "Or this one looks nice."  It was leopard skin, and slashed almost to the waist.  The back  was virtually non-existent.    "Where are you taking me?"  She absolutely had to ask.    "Never you mind!  Out and about.  I think this one might do.  Let's see what it looks like on  you."    His third choice was a flimsy red summer top, with the narrowest of straps over the  shoulders, and a top edge that sat more than half way down her unsupported tits.  The  material just about reached her waist at the back, but at the front - since the whole garment  was deliberately too small and too short - her tits pushed it forwards so that it hung down  away from her body, exposing a good few inches of stomach, and creating that fascinating  cave effect; the feeling that you could just slip your hand under the front of it and touch  naked, jutting out tits exposed from beneath to the air, as was exactly the case.    "Stand up on this chair," he instructed her, and she climbed up on to the indicated piece of  furniture precariously in her high heels.  "Now reach upwards, as if you were getting a book  from a high shelf.  Lovely!"    Master Philip was standing just beneath her, looking up into the aforementioned cave, to  check what sort of effect the garment gave.  Zoe was dreadfully aware of the picture she  must present in her sluttish clothing, her top and skirt both riding up to expose her charms.   At least it was only her Master having a look, and not some disapproving stranger.    "Now stay like that, on the chair, with your arms up, until you hear me come out of the  shower.  Understood?"    "Yes, Master."    "Then I want you to get yourself made up - very made up.  Nice and plastered with flashy  eye-shadow and blusher, and bright red lipstick - the brightest you can find, and with lip  gloss on top. Make sure your hair is as bushy as you can make it, and put lots of jewelry  on, do you hear?  The gold chains I bought you round your neck, round your wrists and  round one ankle.  And those big heavy earrings, and lots of rings!  God, you are going to  look a tart!  I may end up having to tell people that you're going to a fancy dress party, or  something."    Before he left Zoe straining upwards on her chair, he inserted a finger up her somewhat  exposed pussy, and stirred it round a little.  Then he withdrew it, and raised it to his nose,  savouring the bouquet.    "Your juices give you away, my girl," he said.  "I'll swear you're more excited about this  little excursion than I am!"  Within the hour, they were both ready to go out.  Zoe had taken great care to get her make-  up looking very spectacular, as instructed, but though being so blatantly decorated turned  her on, she remained concerned about going out like that in the middle of the day.  What on  earth would people think, she wondered - then realised the answer was clear.  They would  think she was a slut and a tart, who dressed in an outrageously wanton way for the benefit  of a man or men, and probably got up to the sorts of sordid activities that respectable  women hadn't even heard of.  And of course they would be right!    She was just sorting out her handbag when Master Philip appeared, all in black and  pulling on a leather jacket.    "You won't be needing that," he said, taking the handbag away from her.    What, no money?  No credit cards?  No tissues?  No mirror?  This certainly was an  exercise in complete dependency.    "Can't I just take a comb, Master?" she pleaded.    He ruffled her hair.  "You look lovely as you are.  It doesn't matter if you get a bit unruly - it  adds to the image."    "What about lipstick?"  He considered.  "Let me see, I could make sure you didn't smudge it eating or drinking by  keeping you deprived of those pleasures for a while.  But something tells me it might just  get smudged in some other way, and since we may be out a long time - yes, I suppose  you'd better take it."    Zoe extracted her stick of brightest red, gloss lipstick from the discarded bag, and held it  out to her Master.  "You'll have to take it, Master.  I've got no-where to put it."    Master Philip raised his eyebrows.  "I'm not carrying your things around!  You can do that  yourself."    "But where?" Zoe was confused.  "It won't stay down my cleavage.  It would have to be in  my stocking tops - but then people will see it!"    Master Philip took the lipstick from Zoe and turned it round between his fingers, taking a  long look.  Suddenly, she thought she knew what he was thinking, and drew in a sharp  breath.    "Open your legs," he told her.  "You can carry it in your pussy."    "No, Master," she begged.  "It won't stay in!  It'll slip out!"    "Not if you keep a tight grip!  It'll be good practice!"    Wide-eyed, Zoe felt her Master push the little tube into her private hole.    "There we are," he said.  "Out of sight, but not too deep."    It felt hard and uncomfortable, like a too-big, too-low tampon.  She grimaced, and her  Master shook a finger at her.    "Now just you make sure it stays in there!  Think how embarrassing it would be if it  dropped out when someone was looking!  To be honest, your arsehole would be a better  place for it, but I suppose we can't risk not being able to get the thing out again.  I like the  whole idea, though.  Perhaps I'll have a little pussy-handbag designed specially for you.   Quite a novel way to carry things around and keep your hands free!"    So, when Zoe tottered out from the house to the car, not only was she ultra-aware of how  incredibly shocking she must look, but she was having to concentrate like mad on  squeezing tight down below, so her secret little piece of personal luggage didn't escape!    They drove into the centre of town, parked in a car park, and went into a burger bar.    "Just fancy a quick spot of lunch," said Master Philip, claiming a table.  "Get me a quarter-  pounder with chips, and a cola.  Nothing for you!"    Zoe stood in the queue wishing the ground would swallow her up.  Teenage boys leered at  her, and giggled amongst themselves.  Women frowned and muttered.  Children pointed.    She brazened it out, giving her order with a confident smile, but the poor young girl at the  till couldn't keep her eyes from Zoe's cleavage.    It was only now she realised that there were faint marks from yesterday's whipping all over  those exposed mounds as well!    She sat down next to her Master again with a glum expression.    "Don't worry, my dear," he said.  "Anything goes in today's world.  No-one will give it  another thought."    However, by the time he had finished his meal, the manager of the place was standing  looking at them - trying to decide whether he had grounds to ask them to leave or not.  Zoe  tolerated yet more stares when at last Master Philip announced that it was time to move on.  Clicking out onto the street in her stilettos, she found her reception there something similar.   Far more black looks than interested ones, but some expressions of curiosity, as if people  thought she must be involved in some sort of promotion or event, and that a camera crew  would presently appear in her wake.    She gripped her Master's arm and moved close to him, trying to hide, but her short skirt,  her rude cleavage, and her painted face all gave off signals she could do nothing to  counter.  Never had she felt so out of place and embarrassed and worried as on that  afternoon, forced to go shopping with her confident and unconcerned tormentor, through  streets that seemed far, far too busy.    He led her deliberately across some cobbles, which made walking in her high heels  extremely difficult.    He made her sit and wait for him alone on a bench, humiliated by the cutting taunts of a  bunch of young girls.    He had her run across the road to fetch him something, so her tits bounced up and down  provocatively and her skirt rode up even further.    She had to suffer several direct comments from older women along the lines of, "How  dare you!" and "No respect!"  They hurt her, but what could she do?  She was under her  Master's control, and that was what mattered most.    Next they got on a double decker bus and Master Philip made sure that Zoe went up the  stairs in front of a couple of young lads whose jaws had dropped at the sight of her.  There  was no doubt that they got more than a glimpse of her naked crotch as she climbed the  steep steps.  She wondered what they'd think if they knew about the lipstick - she couldn't  imagine that such a possibility would ever have occurred to them.    She sat down in the back seat, next to the window, and the two young men squeezed in  beside her.  Master Philip took the seat just in front and pretended to be unaware of how  the boys fidgeted and sniggered, pressing Zoe further and further into the corner and  drooling openly over her tits, which bounced about as the bus bumped along.  It did occur  to him to ask her to take the lipstick out and touch her face up, but perhaps a crowded bus  wasn't the best place for such games!    When eventually they reached a certain street, Master Philip got up.  "Come on, we're  here."    Zoe was forced to squeeze out past the two lads, who made no move to make her task  easier and in fact made sure their hands brushed 'accidentally' against her stockings.  She  noticed that they also got off the bus at that stop, but lost sight of them as her Master pulled  her along the street with him at a deliberately fast pace.    "In here," said Master Philip, as they came up to a building fronted with black boards.  It  was clearly a sex shop.    Inside, the lighting was low, mainly to disguise the tackiness of the products.  A lone  customer inspected vibrators in one corner.    A wiry character sat at the desk, leafing through a tabloid paper.  He recognised Master  Philip.    "Hello, guv!"  Then he took in the spectacle which was Zoe.  "Cor!  Very nice!"    "Hello, Lew.  I've brought her for you, like I promised."    The shopkeeper swallowed.  "What, you mean - ?"    "Yes.  I told you I was pleased with that equipment you got for me, and I'd show you what I  was going to use it on."    "The stocks and things, yeah.  Well, thanks!"    "You're welcome."    Master Philip turned to Zoe.  "I've brought you here so this gentleman can fuck you.  Make  sure you do your best."    "Yes, Master," Zoe replied meekly.  She had come to expect this sort of thing.    The customer had been eavesdropping this amazing exchange, and now stepped forward  to try his luck.  "Um, any chance of me, er, having a go too?"    Master Philip looked him up and down.  Suit, glasses, hungry expression.  He turned to  Lew.  "It's up to you," he shrugged.    "Yeah, he's alright," said Lew.  "I don't mind.  I guess I'd better close up."    But just as he stepped towards the door, the two lads, who had obviously followed them  from the bus stop, came in.    "Sorry, got to shut for a bit," Lew said, trying to usher them out, but Master Philip  interrupted.    "Perhaps they'd like to join in.  How do you feel about it?"    "Well, I'm all for a good gang-bang, but can she handle it?"    "Of course!  No problem."    "Okay then."  Lew dropped the latch and switched a sign to 'closed'.  He turned round and  pulled his cock out in one movement.  "Let's get down to it!"    The young lads could hardly believe their luck, but though a little flustered, weren't about  to miss an opportunity. Virtually jumping about with youthful enthusiasm, they stepped up to  Zoe and began to feel her up roughly - one going for her tits, the other for her bum.    The gobsmacked customer was already wanking furiously.    Master Philip leaned against the counter and watched as four randy men, three of them  complete strangers to him, descended on his sex slave, in a sleazy back-street sex shop.   Just the sort of scene he enjoyed!    Zoe was shaking a little but none the less, not too concerned.  It was true - she knew from  experience - that she could handle four quite easily, and with her Master there with her, she  felt secure.  This was what being a slave was all about, and she wasn't going to let him  down.    She lifted up her top theatrically, showing her tits to the men.    "I think you'd better take the lipstick out now," Master Philip said to her, once the action  had got started, and to the surprise and amusement of the four men who were about to  fuck her, she extracted the sticky stick slowly from between her legs and placed it on a  shelf.    Several fingers took its place immediately, and she found herself being dragged down  onto the grubby floor, with her skirt yanked up, and cocks being pushed into her face.    "I want to be last," said Lew, watching with interest as the first of the youngsters poked  Zoe with frantic thrusts.    Master Philip was about to say, "That pleasure's mine!" automatically, but decided to save  himself.  This was only a warm up, after all.    For twenty minutes or so Zoe all but disappeared beneath the heap of hormone-charged  masculinity, but since all concerned were so excited - for the four men, at least, this wasn't  the sort of thing that happened every day - they were soon spent, and leaning back against  the shelves with spaced-out looks.    They had all chosen to fuck her properly and had come up her pussy, so there was no  spunk on her face or tits, as there often was in such situations.  But still, she looked very  fucked!  Her clothes hanging off, her lipstick smudged from sucking cock - as her Master  had anticipated - and smears of dirt on her cheeks and tits from the carpetless floor.    The shop owner, Lew, took absolutely ages fucking her, and orgasmed with the strangest  roar, for which he immediately apologised.  Soon after this, the customer and the two lads  left, offering slightly embarrassed thank yous - to Master Philip, not to Zoe, of course!    Lew went and sat in his chair behind the desk again, and lit a cigarette.  "I hope you'll  bring her round again sometime.  I could easily get a few more guys, if that's what you  wanted."    "Thanks," said Master Philip.  "I'll think about it."    He stepped over Zoe, sprawled beneath him, and wandered round, browsing through the  produce.    "How much is this?" he asked, picking up a grotesquely huge dildo.    "Hey, free to you, guv."    Master Philip showed the monster to Zoe, who was pushing herself up off the floor.    "What do you think?"    She shook her head.  "It's too big, Master."    Master Philip grunted.  His slave's young pussy was nice and tight, and he certainly didn't  want to stretch it too much, but he suddenly had an urge to see the thing up her.  He  removed the packaging.    "What about your mouth?  I'm sure that's big enough," he said, and held the huge dildo  dangling downwards just above Zoe's face.    "Open wide."    Zoe stretched her jaw open and took the pink rubber knob into her mouth.  Master Philip  pushed it a little deeper then let go, leaving it standing upright like a little pillar embedded in  her face.    Zoe didn't dare move her head from its tilted-back position, in case the thing fell out.   Master Philip grabbed the end of it again, and began to fuck her mouth a little.    "Lick it - that's right.  Make it nice and wet so it'll go up you.  Mind you - "  he glanced  down at the spunk cascading down Zoe's legs, " - you're pretty wet down there already."    Next he had Zoe stand with her legs open and bending forwards to touch her toes.  He  placed the end of the dildo at the entrance to her recently used hole and began to push.    Zoe tried to relax, but was sure the dildo was too huge.    "Master," she whispered.  "I don't think it'll go!"    Lew came out from behind his desk and stood against Zoe's bent back, pulling her skirt up  and parting her buttocks with his bony hands, so he could get a good view.    "Push harder," he said to Master Philip, bracing himself as Zoe's doubled up form was  pressed against him, as a result of the pressure with which Master Philip pushed the giant  phallus slowly but surely up poor Zoe's slit.    Unlubricated, it wouldn't have gone, but with the host pussy dripping with four men's  spunk, the enterprise was a success.  It hurt, but then what was a little more pain to Zoe?   She concentrated on keeping still while the men walked around her, admiring the spectacle  she made with her bum in the air, her skirt not serving much purpose, and the hugely thick  dildo protruding rudely from her snatch.    Her Master wiggled it around for a bit, in a way that started to make Zoe feel quite  aroused, then pulled it out sharply, leaving her with that empty feeling.    He handed Lew the wet dildo.  "Can you put this in the post to me?  You've got my  address."    He contemplated his slave's inviting vagina, but again decided against availing himself of  it at that moment.  He was rather enjoying his present state of semi-arousal and  anticipation.    "Right, then," he said to Zoe.  "Stand up, and get your face in order.  What a mess you  look!"    Lew gave her some tissues and, as well as she could without a mirror, she tidied up her  make up, added some lipstick, and mopped some of the spunk up from between her legs.    "Now put your lipstick away again."    "But Master!  It'll never stay in now - it's too slippery!"    "Rubbish!  You'll just have to squeeze harder!  Now, come on.  I want a drink."    So Zoe pushed the lipstick inside her again - such a tiny thing compared to the recent  dildo - and accompanied her Master out of the sex shop and into a nearby pub.    She didn't dare tell him, however, that just as she'd stepped onto the street, and he'd been  saying his goodbyes to - and it sounded like making plans for a return visit with - Lew, the  lipstick had, as she'd predicted, slipped out onto the pavement, despite her best efforts to  keep it in.    A passing shopper saw this happen, but turned away without comment, and Zoe was so  embarrassed she just kicked the thing into a gutter and carried on walking.  The pub turned out to be the first of many they would visit that afternoon and early evening.   Master Philip announced that they were going on a pub crawl of some of the city's most  downmarket alehouses, purely for the purpose of creating a stir, and forcing Zoe to behave  blatantly and wantonly in public.    He would send her for drinks, insisting she pushed her way through the busiest parts of  the bar, so that lots of men would get a chance to rub up against her and fondle her  surreptitiously.    He would insist she sat with her legs open, in a position where lots of men could get a  good look up her skirt.    Or he would sit on a stool by the bar and have her stand beside him in her high heels,  and, as he put an arm round her waist, gradually work her skirt up at the back or the side,  so the shocked customers could discover that she wasn't wearing any underwear.    Once, as he made conversation at the bar with a group of three or four builders, he quite  clearly pinched Zoe on her exposed midriff - squeezed her flesh hard between two fingers,  all the time staring into her eyes to remind her not to make a sound.    The builders soon cottoned on and joined in the game, and Zoe found herself surrounded  by men discretely pinching her bottom, thighs and tummy, while she tried not to squirm or  cry out, so as to avoid attracting the attention of the barmaid and the innocent-looking  couple sitting nearby.    Master Philip got a real buzz out of seeing how other men looked at his slave, and  knowing that he had the power to give her to those men if he so chose.    Once or twice, strangers were bold enough to actually ask him if anything was 'on', and he  rewarded their courage by sending Zoe off with them in the hope of finding a quiet place  where she could suck them off.   Once, she got pushed into the back of a van in order to see to a couple of beefy labourers  with her mouth, and in the very next pub, was actually secreted into the men's outdoor  toilet, where she found herself kneeling and sucking off five or six either expectant or  surprised visitors, before her Master finally came and rescued her.   "Lipstick!" he instructed, as she got up from the concrete floor, and so Zoe was forced to  admit that she'd lost it some time ago.    Master Philip was not pleased.  "I'm sure you did it deliberately!  Even if it'd been slipping  out, you could've pushed it back in with your hand!"    This would have been extremely difficult in public, but nevertheless, Zoe accepted that  she had disappointed her Master.    "I'm very sorry for losing it, Master," she said meekly.    "And look at your knees!"    Zoe looked, and saw that her stockings were torn from where she had been kneeling on  the rough floor.    "What a give-away!  You should have been more careful."  His face took on a familiar  expression.  "I think maybe you should be spanked for your transgressions, don't you?"    "Yes, Master," came Zoe's resigned reply.  "Please spank me.  I shouldn't have lost the  lipstick, and I shouldn't have laddered my stockings.  I deserve to be spanked, Master."    Thus a grotty pub toilet saw more than its fair share of action that day, as Master Philip  bent Zoe over the pan and gave her twenty or so hard, heartless spanks on her bare  bottom.    They left just as the landlord came to investigate why half of his customers were gathered  around a largely uninteresting toilet door!    As they neared yet another pub - poor Zoe's feet were really aching by now - her Master  took a different tack.    "I want you to go in there on your own, and wait for me by the bar.  I'll be with you in  fifteen minutes or so."    Zoe looked at him with horror.  She had become very aware of the holes in her stockings,  and was sure that her lipstick must be seriously smudged.  Her hair had got a little caked in  spunk, as a result of some of the afternoon's activities, and she felt like she could only bear  to be out on the streets because she was under the protection of an imposing man like her  Master.    To go into a pub alone at any time was difficult, but dressed as she was - surely she would  be thrown out, or someone would call the Police!    Master Philip read the reluctance in her eyes and delighted in it.  He pushed her away  from him.  "Go on.  I'd give you some money, but I'm sure somebody'll buy you a drink!"  And he was gone!    Shaking, Zoe turned towards the pub.  Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open  and found herself in a particularly busy, particularly smoky lounge bar, which was almost full  of people - mostly men, and many of them 'suits' on their way home from a day at the  office.    Attracting more than a few glances immediately, she made a bee line for the toilets,  intending to hide in them for as long as possible.    There was only one small toilet however, which was occupied, with another woman  waiting, and when she tried to use the mirror to straighten her skimpy clothes and wild hair,  she got such a disapproving frown that the busy, anonymous room outside suddenly  became the preferable option.    Trying - unsuccessfully - to look inconspicuous, she made her way to the bar, and found a  lone stool in a corner.  She made no move to attract the barman's attention, but when he  had served everyone else who was waiting, he came over to her, and gave her a  suspicious look.    "Yes?" he said.    Of course, Zoe had no money!  "I'm sorry - I'm just waiting for a friend," she tried with a  smile, but it was clear that the barman thought she was soliciting, an impression he  confirmed by what he said to her next.    "I'll give the friend five minutes."    Zoe was actually quite taken aback by this unhesitatingly voiced assessment.  A lot of  women wore short skirts and had bushy blonde hair.  There were a couple of girls in this  very bar in quite sexy clothes, and more lipstick than Zoe had on, after her orally active pub  crawl.  So why couldn't she be just a girl waiting for her boyfriend?  Did she really look so  extreme?    She looked up at her reflection in a mirror behind the bar.  For a long time.    It must be the tits, she concluded.  They were obscenely full, and the nipples stood out  very prominently through the thin red top.  Or else it was the amount of silvery make up  around her eyes.  A bit much for early evening, perhaps.    "It's the look in your eyes, sweet," said a voice right next to her, making her jump like  never before.    She saw him first in the mirror - tall, blond, attractive - then swung round.    "I heard the barman," the stranger explained.  "He's probably quite good at spotting  knowing women, in this part of town."    "But," Zoe protested, "I'm not - "    "Not a knowing woman?"    She hesitated.  "Not what he thought."    The stranger pulled up a recently vacated stool.  "You surprise me.  Can I buy you a drink  anyway?"    "Yes, please."    At least having a drink and sitting with a man helped her to blend into the scenery.  She  drank gratefully, and accepted some peanuts.    "I'm Adam, by the way."    "Zoe."    He had a good long look at her, head to toe.  "How about it, then?"    "What?"    "Oh, come on.  If you're not selling, it must be free.  I can't believe you're just a tease."    Zoe sighed.  "Look, really, I'm waiting for someone."    Adam insisted.  "Can't you just pop out with me for a minute?  Or give me your number at  least."    Zoe shook her head.  "I can't do that."  How could she explain that she was somebody's  sex slave, and could only screw around with her Master's permission?    "Okay, just tell me then.  In principle - if things were different - would you let me screw  you?  For free?"    "You're very frank!"    "Would you?  In principle?"  He was stroking her thigh with his fingertips.    "Probably."    At this point Zoe saw from across the room that Master Philip was just coming into the  pub.  He caught sight of her, and strode purposefully in her direction.    Zoe tensed.  She hoped her Master wouldn't object to her having been talking to  someone.  He must have been expecting something like that to happen, surely?    When he registered that she wasn't alone, he put a hand on the blond stranger's shoulder.    "You chatting up my woman, mate?"    Zoe went cold, but to her complete amazement, Adam responded with a huge laugh, and  stood up.    "Phil, my lad!  Long time no see.  How are you?"    There was a lot of back-slapping and hand-shaking.    "You found her then."    "Well, she's a bit obvious."    They moved to a table away from the bar.    "I hope you haven't been throwing yourself at my old chum Adam," said Master Philip to  Zoe, who was still blushing with embarrassment and mild anger at having been duped.    "Well, she said she'd fuck me in principle," Adam spoke up, "but then she did seem to be  staying loyal to you.  I don't know, though.  If you'd given me another five minutes, I might  have got somewhere."    Master Philip laughed.  "Don't worry.  You can have her.  As for you, Zoe, I shall see that  you are punished for even considering giving yourself away without my permission.   Perhaps Adam would like to do it?"    "I see, like that is it?  Well, yes please, I wouldn't mind.  If she doesn't."    Both men looked at her, and Zoe was struck by what a handsome duo they were.  She  pictured herself lying between them, and crawling at their feet, and having them both spank  her at the same time.    She pictured Adam fucking her - sitting on him, maybe, while Master Philip whipped her  back, insisting that she ride his friend faster, faster!  Her mind ran through a catalogue of  images, and she found them all very pleasing.    When Master Philip prompted her to say whether she'd mind Adam punishing her, she  could only shake her head, afraid that anything she might say would betray too much  enthusiasm - too much passion, even - for Master Philip's liking.    "See, she's a slut through and through," said her Master, and then started on an account  of the previous night's activities and what Zoe had been up to already that day.    Zoe sat and fidgeted, afraid that the men at nearby tables might overhear, but Master  Philip didn't make much effort to lower his voice.    "Anyway," he concluded.  "I'm glad you could make it.  Hopefully it should be an  interesting evening."    "What did you have in mind?" Adam asked.  "I've got a hotel room nearby, incidentally."    "Well, of course we could use that if you wanted.  But if you don't mind performing in  public, I was thinking of this porn cinema."    Adam raised his eyebrows.  "Sounds interesting."    "Only I've had a word, so they expect us.  To make sure it's nice and busy."    Adam's expression spoke volumes.  He downed the last of his drink.  "Let's get going!"  The porn cinema was along a little backstreet.  Through a nondescript door marked  'members only', down some stairs, and you were in another world!  A dark, hot, smoky  world, packed full of men - mostly wanking.    The man at the desk waved the three of them through without charge, and as they pushed  their way into the overcrowded cinema, several dozen faces turned towards them, eyes  locked onto Zoe.    The films were hard, straight porn, and of reasonable quality, but most of the men in the  room saw them as secondary.  They really came here for the atmosphere - for the other  people.  Either for other men, if they were that way inclined, or to wait for the occasional  couple who might come in and have a little play around.  This sort of behaviour was well-  established in this and many similar places, and the regulars always had a tale or two to tell  the newcomer of what they had seen, or more rarely, what they had done.    Tonight the atmosphere was expectant.  Word had spread quickly.  Master Philip had  brought Zoe in here before, and they went further than most couples - much further.    Master Philip and Adam held Zoe between them, and battled their way to three seats  which had quickly been vacated in the front row.  They sat down rather slowly and  deliberately, just to make sure that no-one could miss the fact they were there.    At this point, it has to be said, Zoe felt wonderful.  Scared, but wonderful.  Here she was in  her slut's costume, in a room full of randy, expectant men, and her two companions slowly  but surely easing her legs wider open and lifting her tits from her top.    Anything could happen in a situation like this - and she thought she had an idea what!    Hands - strangers' hands - began to creep over her shoulders from the rows behind, and  slink down to her breasts.  When it became clear that the two men with whom the slut had  arrived weren't going to object to groping, the strangers became much more bold, and  suddenly the threesome were surrounded by men three deep and falling over each other to  get a feel of Zoe's exposed flesh, or at least a good look!    Master Philip and Adam hoisted one each of Zoe's legs over their own laps, stretching  them apart painfully, so her pussy was visible to all.  What felt like at least six different  men's fingers began to probe at her crotch, and at the same time, cocks appeared over her  shoulders, begging to be sucked, and spunking - already! - over her quivering tits.    "Rub that spunk in and get some cock in your mouth," said Master Philip, his voice  deliberately intrusive in the otherwise silent atmosphere (silent except for the soft music  and soft groans emanating from the film). The men could hardly contain themselves - in  many cases they couldn't, and there were some mumbled apologies as people  inadvertently spunked over other people's clothes!    After she'd sucked about ten cocks - some all the way - and at least six more had come on  her tits (not to mention some in her hair, and at least one in her ear!), Zoe got hoisted round  so she was kneeling on the seat, her bum in the air and her mouth still occupied.    She noticed that Master Philip and Adam both had their own cocks out and were wanking  gently, and she reached out spontaneously to give them both a hand.    "I told you," said Master Philip to Adam, across Zoe's tits.  "I've never known such an utter  slut as this one!"    He looked around at the men, who were mostly just silhouettes against the cinema  screen.   "Who wants to fuck this slut?  She's all yours."    "I will!" said a few voices.  And a moment later the first of several anonymous cocks was  up Zoe's pussy.    It was very hot in the cinema, especially with loads of bodies pressing up against you, and  Zoe's skin glistened with sweat, amongst other things!    It was also incredibly escapist.  Zoe couldn't have said how much time had passed since  they'd come in, or how many men she had pleased.  She was in her element, surrounded  by men, and perfectly happy in the knowledge that she was fulfilling her Master's wishes.  When the action died down a little, Master Philip took control again, standing up and  slipping his belt off.    "I think sluts like you should be publicly whipped, don't you?"    "Yes, Master."  Zoe quailed, but stuck her bum in the air without prompting.    Their audience got excited again at this added element of debauchery.  Most of the films  that got shown in the place stopped short of proper punishment scenes - yet here they  were getting to watch it in real life, and for free!    "Care to join me?" Master Philip asked Adam, and so it was that Zoe got a severe and  prolonged belting from two very dominant men, with an astounded audience of at least fifty,  including the indulgent management, looking on.    With Zoe moaning and men still spilling their spunk over her front end, Adam got himself  in quite a frenzy, and with the greatest pleasure, eventually threw his belt aside and  grabbed Zoe by the hips, pulling her back onto his cock.    He fucked her hard - very hard - her drooping tits slapping forward against strangers' legs,  her eyes closed as her wonderful Master thought to reach under her and rub her clit with  expert fingers, as his friend fucked her so nicely.    Adam came with a huge groan, and pulled out shaking his head.    "Bloody brilliant!  Best fuck I've had in years.  Lovely tight pussy - I recommend it!"  Master Philip now decided he had waited long enough and slowly inserted himself up Zoe's  absolutely dripping hole.    Again, he helped her with his hand while he fucked - something he didn't always bother to  do, but certainly knew how to when he felt like it.  He also knew what to say to turn Zoe on -  and bring her off.  She needed crude instructions.    "Why is your mouth empty?" he growled.  "There's still some hard ones around.  There,  suck that big one!  Keep it in your mouth and work on it while I fuck you.  That's it, you  bitch, you should always be kept working at both ends.  One at a time isn't enough for you,  you tramp.  Just look at you, caked in spunk, and getting whipped in a porn cinema!  I've  never known anything like it.  Since you seem to enjoy it so much, I think I should leave you  here for a while on your own.  Yes, there's new guys coming in all the time - look here's a  few you haven't sucked off yet.    I think we'll piss off for a couple of hours and have a nice meal, while you stay in here and  keep working away to satisfy all these strangers.  What do you say, Adam?  A nice steak or  something, while our slave gets left in this dark smoky room on her own, with dozens of  men fucking her and whipping her - oh, yes, they've seen it's allowed now, and they've all  got belts, you know!"    He was gratified to feel Zoe tense and shudder beneath him as she came, and at last let  himself go entirely, and fucked her quite as harshly and lecherously as most of the  strangers had done.    Drained, Zoe slipped down onto the floor, and leant on some guy's legs as she looked up  at Master Philip and Adam putting their belts back on and zipping themselves up.    "You weren't serious about leaving me?" she said, clutching at her Master's trousers.    He stood and looked down on her, feeling a huge rush of pleasure - a deep, emotional  pleasure - at the knowledge that he had such complete control over such a beautiful,  compliant woman.    "Of course I was!  Don't worry, I'll have a word with the blokes upstairs and make sure  they keep an eye on you.  And make sure that you don't get out of here!"    "Master," she whimpered, leaning forward to kiss his thigh, and at the same time  accepting a stroking on her head from Adam.  "You're so cruel!"    "That's the idea, isn't it?  See you in two hours or so, and remember - behave yourself!"  It was three hours before the men came back, full of food, drink, good humour and excited  comradeship.  It's a good feeling, sitting in a restaurant with your mate, knowing you share  this amazing secret - that there's a stunning, ultra-submissive plaything getting gang-  banged just down the road, and waiting for the two of you to go and get her and take her to  wherever you want and do whatever you want with her.    That was a pretty special meal!    God, was Zoe in a state!  Her skirt was ripped up the side and she had completely lost her  skimpy top.  It had been torn from her, and the pieces lay trampled underfoot.  Her  stockings had also got taken off her, and were no-where to be seen.  No doubt they had  been slipped into someone's pocket for later use!    What make-up remained on her face had been smeared around, and diluted by all the  sticky liquid that had passed over it.  Her hair looked - well, like the hair of a slut who's  spent about four hours solid surrounded by dozens and dozens of over-excited men!    She was grubby - her knees and bum particularly, from when she got pushed down onto  the floor - and her big tits were noticeably red as a result of these two burly biker type  characters having just recently spent the better part of half an hour holding her down and  spanking them just about as hard as they could.    It really wasn't an exaggeration on these occasions to say that word spread around the  whole city that a slut was available for fucking and spanking in such and such cinema.  The  cinemagoers formed a community, and many of those who left, moved on to other  establishments to boast about what they'd seen.  Phone calls were made, and friends told  friends, and, in short, there was no let up for Zoe over those three hours.  If anything there  was an increasing number of men trying to get to her as time wore on.    A couple of times the management had to intervene a little (of course in general they didn't  object, as it was great for business), when so many men crowded round that the seats  threatened to collapse, but in general Zoe was left to cope on her own.    When Master Philip and Adam got back, they couldn't get anywhere near her.  They had  to pull dozens of men back out of the way before eventually finding Zoe on the floor in a  corner, with a huge muscular guy just shooting his load over her caked, dripping, much-  pummeled snatch.    "That's all, folks," said Master Philip, picking a shattered, quiet Zoe up in his arms, and  accepting her ecstatic hug of welcome.  "Back soon."    They covered her in a jacket, and took her to Adam's car, which was parked in a hotel car  park nearby.  They placed her on the back seat, and sat in the front, looking back at her.    "Are you okay?" Adam asked, a little worried, looking at the state of her, that things had  gone a bit too far.    She nodded.  They had brought her a bottle of lemonade, and watched as she drunk it  very thirstily.    "Didn't get hurt?" Adam queried, then realised how stupid a question this was.  He had  hurt her himself, earlier, with his belt, hadn't he?  "Seriously hurt, I mean."    But Zoe was shaking her head.  "Of course not.  It wasn't too bad - mostly just spanking.   Nothing I couldn't handle."    Master Philip took the empty bottle from her.  "Adam's concerned for you.  He doesn't  realise quite how used you are to this sort of thing."    Zoe reached out a hand to Adam.  "Don't worry, I really do know what I'm doing, I  promise."    "She enjoys it.  She begs for that sort of thing.  Don't you, dear?"    "Yes, Master," said a resigned Zoe.    "How many times did you come, after we'd left you?"    She blushed.  "A couple of times, Master."    "Did you think of us," Adam said, "out there in our restaurant, as much as we thought of  you, I wonder?"    "Oh, yes!"  There was no doubting the sincerity of Zoe's replies.  "I'm so glad you - I mean,  you both - came back."    Master Philip laughed.  "Greedy sow!  Always wants more than one.  Aren't I enough for  you?"    Then his expression changed, and suddenly everybody was kissing and groping again.    "Let's go up to the room," Adam suggested, more than ready for another fuck, but Master  Philip still hadn't had enough of showing all Zoe's capabilities off to his friend.    "One more test, Zoe.  Just a little longer.  Will you do it?"    "What?" she asked.    "A quick drive round the parks?"    There was a bit of a silence.    "What do you mean?" asked Adam.    Master Philip explained.  "Haven't you heard of dogging?  It happens wherever there's a  car park near some bushes, basically.  Usually out in the country, in picnic places by main  roads, but also in several of the parks in town.  The same sort of thing as in the cinema,  you know - lots of hopeful guys hanging round, looking for a 'show'.  It depends where you  go, and when, and who's there, but it can be useful for the kind of games me and Zoe like  to play."    He turned round and reached for the seat belt, forgetting that Zoe hadn't actually  answered his question.  "Come on, I'll show you.  We'll try the Common first."    It was late by this time, and well after dark.  Not the sort of time one would imagine people  going for a walk in the park.  Yet, when they pulled into the little parking area in the middle  of the Common, there were at least ten other cars there, positioned neatly round the edges,  facing outwards.    "Drive round slowly, then park up in that corner.  Face out."    "It matters, does it?" Adam asked.    "Yes."    Master Philip was peering out of the window at the cars already there.  "I recognise some  of these," he said.  "A few of  the lads I know are here.  Now, kill the engine, and lights off."    They sat for a while in the dark and the quiet.  Traffic passed on the main road in the  distance.  There was some movement over on the other side of the car park - you could just  see the glowing ends of cigarettes.    "What happens?" Adam queried, looking back at Zoe, who was peering out of a side  window anxiously.    "Well," said Master Philip, "usually people do things in the car, and after a while - if they  recognise your number plate or get the right signals - the doggers come over for a look.   Maybe they get a feel of tit through the window, or get their dick sucked."    "Is that it?"    "No, you can get out and go into the bushes.  Lie the lady down on the grass, or  something, and invite the guys to have a go.  Sometimes it's disappointing - they're a bunch  of voyeurs, really.  But once you get known, and the right guys hear about it - "    "Then you can get your slave fucked?"    "Oh, yes."  It was Master Philip's turn to peer at Zoe over his shoulder.  "I brought her here  every Friday night over the summer.  We got up to - what was it, Zoe, forty five?"    "Forty eight, I think, Master."    "Forty eight what?" asked Adam.    "Men, of course.  In one night, that is."    "Christ!" Adam exclaimed.  "Forty eight men fucked her in one night?  I'm not sure I  believe that!"    "Believe it!  You saw what it was like in the cinema - and there they have to pay six quid to  get in!  Out here it's free. Which means, incidentally, that you get even scruffier guys - don't  you, dear?"    Zoe knew all about the car parks.  She didn't have much regard for the kind of men who  hung out in them, but since she had only ever been to such places with Master Philip, the  doggers, like the bushes, were really just scenery - a background to what was really going  on, which was the interplay and rapport between her and her Master.    "There's another car coming in," said Adam in a worried tone, and they watched the  headlights swing round and then die as the newcomer parked quite near them.    "I know that one, too," said Master Philip.  "That's the guy that likes to use your arsehole,  Zoe.  Remember?"    "I sure would like to fuck her again tonight," said Adam, getting excited by the sexual  tension of the situation.    "Well look, take her back to your hotel for the night if you want.  I don't mind.  We'll just let  her see a bit more action here first, shall we?"    Adam's response was a horny groan - undoubtedly affirmative.    "Have you got any rope or anything in the car?" Master Philip asked.  "There's a big log  just over there we could tie her over."    "Rope and handcuffs," said Adam, smugly.  "I like to be prepared - in case the opportunity  arises."    "Good man.  Let's get out then."    The night was still and quite warm, which was a good thing, considering the state of Zoe's  undress.    "Can't I keep the jacket, Master?" she begged, as she got dragged out of the car.    "No way.  Go and stand out there so the guys can see you."    Zoe picked her way over the rough ground in her high heels, pulling at her torn, short satin  skirt - her only piece of clothing.  She watched as several men got out of their cars and  converged on her.    Very soon after, they were grabbing at her tits and probing for her pussy.  No words of  greeting were uttered, never mind requests for permission - they weren't deemed  necessary.   When Master Philip and Adam stepped round from where they'd been rummaging in the  boot, the men broke their silence.  "Haven't seen you down here for a while," said one, in a  conspiratorial undertone.    "We've been busy."    "I bet!"    "Well, there's lots of places to go," said Master Philip. "When you've got a slut like this  one, you have to share her round fairly!"    Adam joined in the groping.  He was quite taken with Zoe by now, and working up to  asking Master Philip if he could borrow her regularly.  Unfortunately, he didn't have a  permanent sex slave of his own - women like Zoe were rare.    "Come on," said Master Philip, and headed into the undergrowth, making no effort to hide  the rope and handcuffs.    Zoe remembered the log.  Remembered the feel of the rough bark against her tits and  stomach and thighs.  Remembered the huge size and weight of it - utterly inescapable -  when Master Philip had tied her down over it at full stretch.  Bum up in the air, completely  available to anybody - absolutely anybody - who should appear from behind the bushes at  the right moment.  And here she was, with the same thing happening again - deja vu!    Admit it though, she said to herself, as Master Philip and Adam worked together to tie her  down, and ran their demanding, dominating hands over her half naked, very vulnerable  body.    Admit it - you're sick with excitement that there's two of them!  You're thrilled to be the  slave of two Masters!    Master Philip was taking his belt off again.  "A little whipping show first, I suggest, then  maybe we leave you here for a while, so the guys can have their fun, eh?"    More men had appeared from somewhere, and a huge group now stood around, waiting  with bated breath and stiff cocks for the action to begin.    "This is my slut and sex slave," said Master Philip to the crowd of 'bush wankers', as they  were sometimes known.  "I've brought her here for your entertainment.  And I'm going to  punish her for your entertainment."     He swung back with the belt, then landed a heavy blow across Zoe's quivering, upthrust  buttocks.    "And then," he said, whipping regularly now as he spoke, "I'm going to leave her here on  her own all night!  All night, tied to a fallen tree in the park, so anyone can use her.  Tied up  and naked and with a sore bum - getting fucked til dawn!"    Adam had crouched down near Zoe's head and was trying to judge her reaction as Master  Philip spoke and whipped.    "All night, he's saying now, can you hear?  I wonder if he's going to ask you first, or just  leave you anyway.  Not that it matters - I'm sure you'd say yes if he did ask you."    He moved even closer to her.  "Zoe," he said.  "Why are you here?"    But the blows were making her gasp and cry out, and she couldn't - or wouldn't - speak.    "Why are you here, Zoe?" Adam pressed her.  "Is it because you love Master Philip?"    Still concentrating mainly on handling her pain, Zoe only nodded.    "But you'd still be here if it was me, wouldn't you?  If it was just me, instead of him.  I know  you'd still be here."    Master Philip was getting a bit carried away now.  He liked the way the strap falling on  Zoe's bottom caused such a loud noise.  He enjoyed the element of risk-taking - whipping  arse in a public place!  Using the sounds it made as a herald, announcing to whoever might  be lingering around that something kinky was going on.  An open invitation to fuck.    "You're here," said Adam to Zoe, "because you're a submissive slut who loves getting her  arse whipped.  Aren't you?"    "Yes," Zoe groaned.  She knew what she was, better than any man ever would.    "Say it," Adam demanded.    "I am a submissive slut who loves getting her arse whipped," Zoe whispered.    A few of the men had joined Adam at Zoe's front end, and someone pulled her head up by  the hair, so they could see her face better - and prepare the access route to her mouth.    "Louder," said Adam.    "I am a submissive slut who loves getting her arse whipped!"    "Keep saying it."    "I am a submissive slut who loves getting her arse whipped.  I am a submissive slut who  loves getting her arse whipped.  I am a submissive slut who - "    But she couldn't continue.    Adam, shortly followed by a couple of the other guys, drenched her obedient mouth with  huge quantities of warm, bubbling spunk! 
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