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Testing Zoe - About

An Erotic Fantasy "I want more than your beauty.  More than your body, more even than your subservience and obedience - though I shall certainly demand these.  I want your soul!" "You are every man's dream.. Don't you understand what you are?" "Is there any limit to the number of men you would fuck to please your Master?"  "No. There is no limit." In this male-dom erotic fantasy novel, the beautiful and sensual Zoe submits willingly to her  beloved Master Philip, becoming his sex slave and dutifully undertaking the many and  varied challenges with which he tests her devotion.  Her adventures include getting regularly spanked as she works topless in a bar; being  taken to fetish clubs in bizarre bondage gear; spending a holiday attending to the needs of  six randy young men; and being trained to be an obedient sauna slave.  She is loaned to -  and somewhat distracted by - her master's colleagues; Bret, the bondage specialist, and  Adam, who has his own ideas about domination.  Master Philip also tests her by  demanding she achieve a higher orgasm quota every day, a task assisted by the provision  of dozens of submissive male slaves; and then immerses her in sex even more completely  by smuggling her onto a ship packed with horny sailors.  Finally he pushes her limits by  insisting that she extend her sexual attentions to other women.  Zoe struggles and strives through everything, determined not to disappoint him, and lost in  an erotic and escapist world of her own.  WORDCOUNT:  c 70,000
                                   Erotic Writing
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