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Sex Talk - Extract - My turn on top

"Good evening, worm."  "Good evening, Mistress."  "On your knees!"  "Yes, Mistress."     "I'm not especially pleased with you tonight, shit-face."  "Oh, Mistress!  What have I done, Mistress?"  "YOU SHOULD KNOW!  Why wasn't there a message on my answerphone confirming this  appointment?  My time is precious - do you think I want to waste an evening hanging  around waiting for you to turn up?"  "But, you didn't say..  But, I sent you a letter, Mistress!"  "The letter was last week!  It just shows an appalling lack of respect that it didn't occur to  you to leave a nice message, saying how much you were looking forward to this meeting!"  "I'm so sorry, Mistress."  "You will be, worm!  Make sure there's always a grovelling, grateful message on any day  I'm going to see you.  Understand?"  "Yes, Mistress."  "Now."  "Yes, Mistress?"  "What do you think is in this bag?"  "A cane, Mistress?"  "Wrong!  Try again."  "A crop, Mistress?"  "That's right, a real crop for whipping horses with.  A brand new heavy duty one.  What do  you think I'm going to do with it?"  "I don't know, Mistress."  "You'll pay for that sort of stupidity.  I think you do know, don't you?"  "Yes, Mistress."  "Well?!" "You're going to whip my bottom with it, Mistress."  "Correct.  And are you going to enjoy that?"  "No, Mistress.  Yes, Mistress."  "Which is it, turd?"  "No, Mistress."  "That's right, you're not.  Because I'm going to be very vicious tonight.  I've had a hard day."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Right, it's about time you stopped just kneeling there doing nothing and got down to some  proper worship."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Kiss my feet."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Respectfully!"  "Yes, Mistress."  "And lovingly."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Now massage them with your cock."  "With my cock?"  "You heard me!"  "Ouch!" "That was for questioning me, and this - "  "Ooww!" "Was for forgetting to address me properly."  "I'm so sorry, Mistress.  I'll massage your feet with my cock now, Mistress."  "Good boy.  Only you know the rules - you're not allowed to come!"  "Of course not, Mistress!"  "Okay, that's enough.  Now get your head between my thighs where it belongs, and start  work, slave."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Mm.. mm.. yes, that's lovely.  Keep it up.  Good.  Now, since my pleasure always has to be  balanced out by your pain, I think it's time we went down to the cellar, don't you?"  "Yes, Mistress."  "Speak up!"  "Yes, Mistress."  "I intend to whip you really harshly, just you wait and see.   Mind you, I'm forgetting your  fellow slave.  Maybe it's time we let him out of his box."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Don't think you've escaped your whipping!  You'll get it before you leave here."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Go on, through there.  Let's see how he's doing."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Pervert?  Are you there?"  "Mmmmm!" "Two grunts for yes, remember."  "Uugh, uugh."  "Are you all hot and uncomfortable in there?"  "Uuugh, uuugh!"  "And have you been thinking about how wonderful your Mistress is, and how much you love  her?"  "Uugh, uugh."  "Good slave!  Now I'm going to let you out, and I expect you to be grateful."  "Uugh, uugh."  "Undo the padlocks, worm."  "Yes, Mistress."  "And the chains."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Now lift the lid."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Stand up, pervert.  Oo, I bet you're stiff!"  "Uugh, uugh, uugh!!"  "I was referring to your limbs actually, but I can see that you've been enjoying your  incarceration."  "Uugh, uugh."  "Silence now.  Worm, suck that stiffy."  "Yes, Mistress."  "I'm glad to see you no longer hesitate.  Now, pervert, let's get this gag out."  "Oh, thank you, Mistress."  "Are the ropes okay?"  "Very tight, Mistress, but yes, okay."  "And your arms?"  "Well, rather numb, Mistress, but tolerable.  But - oh, nothing, Mistress."  "Speak!"  "I need to piss, Mistress."  "On a scale of one to ten?"  "Um, nine, Mistress."  "Let me know when it's ten."  "Well, it's getting there, Mistress.  I'm sorry, especially when he's - you know."  "Oh, okay!  Worm, help pervert to the bathroom and have him piss on you."  "Yes, Mistress!" "Then have a quick shower, get the ropes off him, and be lying on that bed playing with  each other when I get back."  "Yes, Mistress."  "I'm going to get Lance from the garden."  "Lance, Mistress?"  "That's right, pervert.  Lance with the big thick cock you like so much.  He's been in the  cage in the shed for the last couple of hours.  Shall I get him to fuck you?"  "Mistress!"  "Yes or no?"  "I don't know, Mistress!"  "Well then I'll decide.  Worm!"  "Yes, Mistress?"  "Stop playing with yourself this instant!"  "Yes, Mistress, sorry, Mistress."  "Now what I'm going to do is have you all in a nice triangle, giving each other a hard  spanking while I wank.  Then you can suck each other while I describe to you my plans for  taking all three of you to a Fetish Club next week, as my slaves."  "Yes, Mistress!" "Nice, Mistress!"  "You're going to be completely encased in rubber and chained closely together, and you're  going to carry me around and lick me off and whip each other in public."  "Yes, Mistress!" "Yes, Mistress!" "Anyway, I'll save the details for later.  You run along, while I get Lance up here to join the  fun."  "Yes, Mistress."  "You know me.  Why settle for two when you can have three?"  "Quite right, Mistress."  "Hurry up, now!"  "Yes, Mistress."  "Yes, Mistress."  "Yes who?"  "Yes, Mistress Slut!"  "Yes, Mistress Slut!"  "Better!"  Imagine Simon lying on his back on a bed, his eyes looking up at me with fear and  trepidation.  Imagine the room being lit only by candle light, and some obscure, atonal music playing -  designed to create a mystical, slightly threatening atmosphere.  Imagine me wearing a short, tight rubber dress, bright red in colour, with thigh-length red  boots to match, and a spectacular stage wig of exceptionally long, red hair.  Imagine my face plastered with make-up - deep, shiny lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and thick  strokes of black eyeliner, to add a little cruelty to my expression.  Imagine me walking round the bed and slowly and carefully tying Simon's ankles and wrists  down firmly to hooks at its corners.  Imagine me sitting down next to him and running my hand up and down his naked body,  scratching at his chest and thighs with my long red nails.  Imagine him groaning, and thrusting his crotch upwards at me, only to have this part of his  anatomy ignored.  Imagine me leaning over close to his head, with my long hair falling into his face, and telling  him quietly that I expect him to be quiet and obedient, and not dare to speak a single word  unless I ask him to.  Imagine the ecstasy on his face, as he nods and surrenders himself into my control.  Imagine me picking up a long whip, and caressing his naked belly with it.  Imagine me raising it, and letting its many tails fall heavily on his chest, catching his  nipples.  Imagine him wince and sigh with pain and pleasure as the whipping continues - on his  thighs and his arms, and eventually, on his groin.  Imagine the noise the whip makes as it flies through the air.  Imagine me grasping that freshly-whipped cock in my hand, and teasing it with slow  caresses. Imagine me putting my lips to its tip, but refusing to go any further - slaves shouldn't expect  such pleasures.  Imagine me climbing up onto the bed in my high heels and crouching down over Simon's  face - grinding my fanny into his mouth, and whipping him hard as he pleases me.  Imagine me leaving him, his face smeared with pussy juice, while I fetch some serious  nipple clamps, and apply them to him with such cruelty and skill that his eyes water.  Imagine me deciding to whip him some more - concentrating on his thighs with a belt,  scaring him as I inch closer to his unprotected balls; whipping him so hard that my tits fall  out of my tight dress and flop about with each stroke.  Imagine Simon writhing and exclaiming, but refusing to cry out or ask for mercy.  Imagine me getting so aroused, that the sight of his hard, upright cock is too much to resist,  and I climb on top of him using him to fill me up, taking my pleasure from him while  grabbing him by the hair and warning him not to dare climax before me.  Imagine me pulling at his nipple clamps as I come, aroused by his gasping, and his  grimace.  Imagine me sliding off his still unsatisfied cock, leaving it wet and dripping with evidence of  my pleasure.  Imagine me strapping on a thick dildo, and climbing back on top of my plaything again -  tormenting his arsehole with a stiff rubber intrusion, and at the same time grasping his cock  with both hands and at last letting it explode with relief, drenching my bulging tits in the  process. Imagine you were Simon!  "Please, Mistress?"  "What now?"  "Oh, I'm sorry, Mistress.  Permission to ask you about something, Mistress?"  "Ask what?"  "Well - a favour, Mistress."  "Worm, are you still not happy, that you're always asking for things?"  "No - Mistress!  I'm ecstatically happy!  Phenomenally, excruciatingly happy!"  "Good!  Now, what was it?"  "Really, it doesn't matter, Mistress."  "Come on!  You've got to tell me now!"  "Oh dear!  Um - oh dear!"  "Don't tell me I'm still not whipping you hard enough?"  "No, you are, Mistress!  Wonderfully hard.  You're getting better all the - I mean, your  technique is ever more accomplished, Mistress!"  "Then it must be that you want to fuck me more often."  "No, it's not that - I mean, yes, of course I'm always keen to fuck you, Mistress, but you're  very generous with me anyway.  I would never complain on that front."  "You don't like my male friends fucking you?"  "Mistress!  You must know how completely you've converted me to those pleasures!   Anyway, I suppose maybe it was a bit of a secret wish."  "It strikes me that you've got a lot of secret wishes!  They keep slipping out!  It's not about  moving in again, is it?  I've let you stay weekends, and you've been very useful.  But you  know I want time alone."  "No, Mistress, it was something else - something new.  Something that I sometimes do at  home, but I haven't told you about it."  "This had better not be too disgusting!"  "Not at all!"  "So what is it, then?  Speak!"  "Well, I do rather enjoy - "  "Yes?" "Cross-dressing, Mistress."  "Is that all?"  "Well, I know you're not into things feminine, Mistress, so I didn't think you'd want your  slave to dress as a woman."  "Quite right."  "Though it would be extremely humiliating for me, don't you think, to be dressed up when  you have other men round."  "Hm.  I suppose some of them might like it.  I would encourage them to mock you, of  course."  "Oh, please, Mistress!"  "So.  You want me to force you into my frilly panties, and stockings?"  "That would be great, Mistress."  "And make you wear high heels, and one of my glamour wigs?  And have you doing the  dusting in a maid's outfit?"  "Oh, yes!"  "Let me see - and help you with your make up, and take you out in public with me?"  "Oh, Mistress, that would be so wonderful!  Scary, but wonderful. I've never been out  dressed before - only the occasional short drive at night."  "But with me, you'd go shopping in broad daylight!  You're far too masculine to be  convincing.  Everyone would suss you immediately, and stare."  "It wouldn't matter.  I'd suffer any embarrassment for you!"  "I'd take you into ladies toilets, though I suppose people might object and have you thrown  out.  I'd have to think of some very female situations to take you into, like some sort of  meeting.  No doubt that would please you."  "Yes, I'd love to pretend I was a woman.  But we could go to male places, too.  Pubs and  that."  "Gay pubs, maybe, so you'd be sure to get picked up."  "Oo!" "Don't be so sluttish!  That's my line."  "Sorry, Mistress.  I could never, ever be as sluttish as you are, Mistress!"  "Watch it!" "Sorry!  So, will you do it?"  "What?"  "Force me to cross dress, Mistress, and take me out on the town!"  "Absolutely not."  "Oh, Mistress!  Just occasionally."  "No."  "Oh, why, Mistress?"  "You know why.  Because I want masculine, not feminine slaves.  You'll have to carry on  doing it alone."  "Wouldn't you even make it maybe?"  "No."  "Even if I took extra punishment?"  "No."  "Oh, Mistress, please!"  "Read my lips!  No!"  "Just frilly panties?"  "Right, that's enough.  Fetch me the cane.  I'll teach you to push me with selfish requests!"  "Oh, I'm sorry, Mistress.  It's just - "  "Quickly!"  "Yes, Mistress."  "Now maybe this thing will help me get the message across."  "Ow!  Ow!" "I have no interest at all in seeing you dressed up in women's underwear!  Do you  understand?"  "Ow!  Yes, Mistress!" "And I have absolutely no intention of ever taking you to a gay pub in drag!"  "Ow!  Okay, Mistress."  "But, if you're really good - "  "Yes, Mistress?"  "Really, really good."  "Ow!  Aagh!  Yes, Mistress?  Then?"  "I might get Stuart to do it."  "Mistress!!"
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