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Sex Talk - About

(NB Previously published as ‘Sadobabble’ and ‘Yes, Master!’)

Sex Fiction and Fantasy SM Erotica The Erotic Adventures of a Female Submissive Sex Talk and Erotic Adventures A mix of fiction, real experiences, and sex fantasy, this amazingly frank and explicit book recounts the erotic adventures of a woman with a genuine and boundless enthusiasm for sex, and a strong  penchant for being submissive to the demands of dominant men. Amongst her lovers are Richard, a strict and demanding Master; Dave, who acts as her procurer,  helping her to enjoy group sex; and Colin, her bisexual fuckbuddy.  There is also Alex, a bondage  enthusiast; Danny, her glorious young fellow sex-slave; and Simon, a submissive who allows her to explore her alternative persona of ‘Mistress Slut’. From her early days of being shared by a group of friends, through night-time adventures in London parks, to eventually enjoying the ultimate gang bang, she works her way through a variety of sexual experiences – whilst also exploring the power of sex talk, and disclosing some of her most private and extreme sexual fantasies.

WORDCOUNT:  c 70,000

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