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Ode to Sex - Extract - The Meeting

Desperately trying to suppress a yawn, Jenny Watson jotted down another brief note on her pad, and did her best to look interested in what was going on.   'They really don't need me here,' she thought.   She had been organising the meeting over the last few days, but being asked to attend herself had come as a surprise.  Still, it made a change from being at the office.   As the debate raged on, her mind wandered.  She cast her eye over the men in the room.  All quite attractive, really - especially those two.  And what's-his-name over there; why had she never noticed how intriguing he was? (Oh, to be able to go over to him and run her hands over that gorgeous expanse of chest..)   Heavens, even her boss looked quite interesting today!  An image flashed through her mind - she was sitting on his lap, half naked, while he held a heated discussion on the phone and fondled her absent-mindedly with one hand.   She noticed that her pants were wet.  'Jenny!' she scolded herself. 'You really mustn't start fantasising about people you work with!'   But alone in a room with twelve men!   In her mind's eye, she was taking her notes from the centre of the conference table, naked, and on all fours, with her legs stretched wide apart.  There would be a specially made platform in the middle which revolved slowly, so that everyone could get a good view.  (This was after she'd done a slow striptease, of course.)   Or she would be serving drinks in stockings and suspenders, and offering a tit to each of the men in turn, to suck on if they wished.  Then she would slip under the table and work her way round, giving blow jobs.  Finally, as the meeting drew to a close, she would lie on the table with her legs open and take all twelve, one after the other (or better still, a few at a time).  Then, with spunk still running down her legs, she would clear away the coffee cups and prepare the room for the next meeting, at which she would provide similar services for another dozen, as yet unknown, men.   "..and if Jenny could let us have copies of the minutes tomorrow," the Chairman was saying.   Brought back to reality with a jolt, she realised that she was being dismissed - her task was over.   'Boring lot,' she reflected, as she left the room, and hurried to the nearest toilet to finish off what she'd started.   As the door closed behind her, the men in the conference room, who mostly knew each other personally, shuffled in their chairs, and sighed, and grinned.   "See what I mean?" said Jenny's boss.   "Yeah," said the Finance Manager. "What tits!"   "Only how you expect us to concentrate, Bob.." said the Chairman.   If only things were different, they all agreed.   If only you could find a girl like that who was game for a bit of fun around the office!
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