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Ode to Sex - Extract - Heirarchy

In which a hierarchy of sexual passion is established "The way I see it," said Nicholas, in rare philosophical mood, "is that there's this sort of  ladder of attractiveness.  If you lust after people above you on the ladder, it's like an  obsession or a crush.  And if you're in love with them, it's most likely to be unrequited."    Beside him, Anthony gave a grunt of understanding before lifting yet another fresh beer to  his lips.    "On the other hand," Nicholas went on, "if you get pestered by some unattractive old cow,  you don't like it - it's harassment.  She's not what you're interested in."    Nicholas regarded his own drink with an element of disgust, but took a sip of it anyway.   "Love only happens - people hit it off - when they're at about the same level on the  attractiveness ladder.  Come on, you've got to admit I'm right.  I mean you don't see film  stars with ugly women, do you?  And of course beautiful women get the hunkiest guys.   Well, occasionally it's old and rich ones, of course, but that's an exception."    His drink had somehow disappeared already.  It was confusing.    "Even my nan used to say how couples always seem similarly attractive - the beautiful  people together, and the ugly ones pairing up at the bottom of the scale.  I mean, any  woman who ever fell for me would have to be a complete dog!"    The two men were acquaintances rather than friends, though they often drank here  together.  They had one major feature in common; a lifetime of thinking they were losers  had made them into just that.    "Of course you're right," Anthony injected himself into the conversation.  "It's like soap  operas.  He loves her, but she won't give him the time of day.  She wants the other guy, but  he's after her best friend.  It's what makes the world go round."  He tipped his glass right  back to make sure he didn't miss the last few drops.  "So who is she, then?  Something's  brought all this on."    Nicholas sighed.  "It's this new girl at work.  Gloria.  What a name!  Glorious Gloria!   Absolutely beautiful, but not a trace of arrogance.  Sweet character, been really nice to me.   But of course I'm too old and ugly for her to realise what I feel for her.  She's even bloody  confided in me that she fancies her boss, but he's a real bastard.  I know all about him and  she's not his sort at all.  Far too innocent."    Anthony was looking at him.  "What does she look like?"    "You mean, has she got big tits?"    "Well, sorry - you know my feelings on that subject."    Nicholas did, because he shared them.    "Yes, she has, actually.  But she hides them.  You know, loose jumpers."    Anthony tutted.    "And you know what?  I think she's a natural blonde, but she dyes it brown!  Would you  believe?"    The bar was almost empty now, and their voices had dropped to an intimate level.    "Why don't you tell me what you'd like to do to her?" Anthony suggested, shuffling a little  on his stool.    Nicholas pushed his empty glass away.  "Outside."    Outside meant in the car, which was parked in a leafy lane beside the pub.  Here they  could give themselves and each other a discrete pull - without ever discussing or admitting  what they were doing, of course.    "Well," said Nicholas, settling back and conjuring up an image of the voluptuous but  innocent Gloria.  "I would take her for a romantic meal and at some point she'd realise how  much she really wanted me, and give me a beautiful come-on with her eyes.  I'd take her  straight home and I wouldn't even get as far as making her a cup of coffee before her  passion spilled over and she pushed me insistently towards the bed.  She would gasp with  pleasant surprise when she saw me naked and remark how she had never been so  aroused and excited in her life before.  I would peel clothing from her slowly but surely - her  blouse falling to the floor poetically, her bra coming undone without the slightest trace of  fumbling, her knickers slipping down her thighs with ease and grace.    Her pubic hair would be a soft down of pure gold, and her breasts, it would transpire, were  even larger than my imagination had dared hope.  She would throw her glorious self back  on my red satin sheets and squirm with eagerness and anticipation, her fingers plunging  between her own legs and working wonders there, so she was almost immediately ready  and shouting for me.     'Nicholas, Nicholas!  Please come here quickly and enter me, as forcefully as you can!  I  can't wait to feel you deep inside me.  I need you so urgently, I'm desperate to have your  cock.  Quickly, quickly, please!'    Her massive breasts would wobble as I fucked her, her mouth would open wide in cries of  extreme pleasure and passion.  And inside, she'd feel so wet and hot, that - "    "Er," said Anthony, who in his own fantasy had been standing by the side of the bed,  waiting to be invited to join in.  "I think that's enough, thank you."    The two men sat in the dark of their car, and discreetly mopped up.    Very nice, but - thought Nicholas later, back in his own bed.     However.  Only.  The truth of the matter was.    That the fantasy he'd described to his colleague wasn't really the one he'd been using.   Oh, no.  That wasn't how he imagined an encounter with a naked Gloria at all.  Rather, it  went something like this.    He took her out for a romantic meal and at some point they realised they had a special  interest in common.  His much lusted-after - and genuinely loved - young companion sat up  straighter in her chair and announced, "You want to be my sex slave?  How delightful!  I've  always wanted one!  You can start by ordering me an ice-cream and another cocktail - and  then gently massaging my thighs under the table.  But discreetly, mind!  If the waiter sees  you fondling me I shall start screaming and humiliate you dreadfully!"    In Nicholas's real fantasy (which he now replays in slow motion), Gloria demands that he  take her to her own apartment, which apparently features some specialist pieces of  furniture which she hints might be useful.    It turns out to be on the fifth floor, but Nicholas himself suggests and insists that he carry  her up the stairs in his arms, which he just about manages without fainting - from the sight  of her huge bosom wobbling about like jelly six inches from his nose!    Inside, all is red and black, and Gloria instructs him to kneel in a corner while she slips  into something more shocking and provocative.    This, it transpires, is an extremely tight leather corset, a thick collar with spikes, and red  shiny boots that seem to stretch forever from floor to fanny.    When she turns round and he sees the 'red lips' tattoo on her left buttock, he falls over  himself in his rush to plunge towards her and press his own hungry mouth against that  enticing target.     "That's it, kiss my arse," Gloria croons.  "I'm glad you got the general idea so quickly,  although most of my slaves would've known to wait for permission."    Most of her slaves?  Nicholas pauses suddenly in his adoration of the tattooed flesh, as  the thought of a string of others having done the same thing before him shifts his  perspective slightly.  "But didn't you... I thought you said... you'd always wanted a sex  slave?"    "I do always want a sex slave," says Gloria.  "Another one."  He stares at the much  slobbered over tattoo lips, and wonders what else has been enjoyed by the masses.  He is  about to ask, when she challenges him.    "Are you daring to quibble about having to share me?  You surely didn't expect this to be a  conventional one-to-one relationship?"    Nicholas feels his heart leap into his throat and replies passionately and truthfully.  "Oh,  no, Mistress - may I call you Mistress? - on the contrary, I'm just so surprised - pleasantly, I  mean - to find that you're an experienced lady of dominant tendencies, and that you've  allowed me the great privilege of joining the ranks of those who serve you.  Only, only I'm  sure, Mistress - if you'll forgive me for saying it - that I love you more than any of your other  slaves could ever love you!"    Gloria considers whether to chastise Nicholas for this arrogance, but something in his  voice inclines her towards believing him.    "Hm," she says.  "That's a statement you'll have to prove."  She leans forward and  spreads her legs.  "Now kiss my other lips!"    The only problem with working your way through several hours of quality fantasy time with  the Mistress of your dreams, Nicholas thought the next morning, was how on earth you  calmly confronted the real person who had inspired such perverse passion when you next  saw them!  All that cruel bondage and harsh punishment and endless body worship and  exhausting oral sex refused to leave your mind as you struggled to nonchalantly say good  morning, and enquire about the weather with a smile.    Unless, that is, the lady concerned was crying.  In which case politeness and humanity  took over.    "Oh, Nicholas, you'll have to excuse me," said Gloria, weeping copiously behind her desk.   "I'll be alright in a minute, I just - oh - oh, God!"    Her plaintive wails affected him deeply.  Who had dared to upset his sweetheart so?    "Gloria, my dear, what is it?" he asked kindly.  "Has something happened?"    She fumbled for some tissues and sniffed loudly.  "I couldn't tell you," she said, shaking  her head.  "It's so embarrassing!"     "There, there!"  Nicholas was trying to decide whether a physical gesture such as a pat or  a hug would be appropriate.  In the end he played it safe with an extra-warm smile.  "It's up  to you, my love.  Don't tell me if you don't want to.  But if there's anything I can do at all - "    "You're so sweet," Gloria sobbed.  "Not like him!"    Aha!  So the bastard boss was to blame.    Half a box of tissues and a glass of water later, it all came pouring out.    "I made a mistake," Gloria moaned.  "I really liked him, I couldn't help it.  I've never felt so  attracted to a man before. He seemed so confident and sure of himself.  He was so  authoritative.  I thought I'd feel so secure and happy if a man like that put his arms around  me and said - and said he would love me and protect me."    She cringed at a painful memory.  "I virtually threw myself at him!  I made it so obvious!   But he seemed to regard me with disdain, like I was a child, not a woman.  He would throw  such hurtful put-downs at me, but still I persisted.  And then last night - last night we were  both working late, and I must have lost my head!  I flirted so outrageously - I was shaking  with desire for him!  Then suddenly," she swallowed.  "Suddenly he just walked up to me  and grabbed me by the wrist.  And I thought, this is it!  But he have me a look almost of pity  and said, 'I've had enough of this.  Come with me - I've got something to show you.'    He dragged me to his car but I was confused about what was happening.  He seemed to  be taking me home, but the atmosphere was all wrong.  I could hardly think, but luckily we  reached his house soon and I got bundled inside and up to the bedroom.  I suppose I  thought he was going to make love to me, even though he didn't appear to like me, and I  just stood there waiting.  But to my surprise he walked over to a big wardrobe and unlocked  it with a key.    'Come here, Gloria,' he instructed me harshly.  'I think you need to be taught a lesson  about what happens if you throw yourself at inappropriate men.  I can read you perfectly -  you're like an innocent schoolgirl with a crush - and I think it's about time I dispelled any  romantic notions you might have been harbouring.  Now.  Meet Lucy, my girlfriend.'    Well, Nicholas, you can't imagine how shocked I was!  I didn't understand what he was  talking about, but when I looked in the cupboard.."    At this point Gloria broke down again, and it took Nicholas some time to coax out of her  the description that she found so shocking, but that was, in truth, little more than what the  more worldly Nicholas had expected.    "This woman, she was all tied up, with chains and straps and rope!  And in such a funny  position, with her arms and legs all doubled up.  She was half naked, and her - her nipples  were pierced and her breasts pulled close together with a little chain.  Her ears and her  nose were pierced as well, and even her lips, and she had these huge rings through  everything - I'd never seen anything quite like it.  He only let me look for a minute or so, so I  can't remember everything, but I think she had marks on her chest and arms, like she'd  been whipped.  And her eyes; when she looked at me it was with such a look of mingled  resignation and pity and pain - I can hardly imagine what she was thinking.  Only before he  closed the doors again, he asked the woman a question.    'Lucy.  Gloria is no doubt thinking of me as some evil villain.  I'd like you to reassure her  that you're here willingly.  That this is just part of our consensual sex life.'     There was no doubt that the poor girl nodded quite clearly.  Well, Nicholas, I was just so  taken aback - so embarrassed by the whole thing.  He drove me home without hardly  another word and certainly no explanation.  But the message was clear - you're out of your  depth, you don't know what you're dealing with.  Well, it's true - I've heard about things like  that, but I don't really know the first thing about it."    Nicholas, who was somewhat less surprised than Gloria at the side of the bastard boss'  character that this story had revealed, was trying hard to think.    "Gloria, I'm sure it was very terrible - I sympathise with you.  But why let it upset you?   Surely you could get another job.  Just forget it - you never need see the man again."    The sobbing started again, pre-empting her response.    "But don't you see - I love him!  Even though he's shown me his girlfriend tied up in a  cupboard!  I still love him.  And it's not just that - when I saw her, I had the strangest  feelings.  I felt I had it in me to be in her place!  I want him so much, I'd do anything for him.   But how can I convince him to take me seriously?  Oh, I'm sure you couldn't understand the  awful passion I feel - it's not natural.  I just want to be near him - whatever the cost!"    This is terrible, Nicholas thought, with dramatic passion.  How can I tell her that I  understand everything - that I long to worship her as she yearns to worship him?  Oh, cruel  hierarchy of love!    And then, it hit him - though the cruelty of the situation to himself was almost too difficult to  bear.  Nevertheless, if there was a way he could help his darling, he must.    "Gloria, if you will trust me, and keep this a secret between us, I think I can help you.  I do  know something about these things - I've been around a lot longer than you, remember -  and I could teach you what you want to know.  Do you want to try it?"    Her tight grip on his arm and broad grin of relief gave him his answer.  Poor Nicholas!  He  was to teach the Mistress of his dreams how to be a slave to another man!    They began with some simple lessons in kneeling and grovelling, and it almost broke  Nicholas's heart to see Gloria struggling to hold position on the carpet in front of him and  practising how she would beg her boss not to discard her affections.    "Please let me be of service to you," she intoned repeatedly, and Nicholas imagined that it  would be a harsh - and stupid - man indeed who could ignore this obviously heartfelt plea.    Progress was slow, as Gloria struggled to overcome her embarrassment and inhibitions.   But she wouldn't give up, and tackled each session with commitment and enthusiasm.    "We can't avoid foot worship," Nicholas said, somewhat uncomfortably, once the grovelling  had been mastered.  "He's almost bound to ask you to kiss his feet, and you must be  prepared, so you don't hesitate."    "Couldn't you show me how to do it?" Gloria asked shyly.  "If it wasn't too awfully  humiliating for you?  I can't imagine getting the hang of it on my own."    And with this comment Nicholas's fortunes changed, as the cruelty of his role as teacher  was assuaged by circumstances, allowing him to put into practice some of the ideas he had  long dwelt on with regard to his Mistress.    "Well," he said, on all fours in front of a blushing Gloria.  "Just imagine for a moment that I  felt towards you the same as you profess to feel towards your boss.  What would I do?  I  would prostrate myself before you - like this.  And say something to you along the lines of  the following.  'Beloved Mistress - though I know you've rejected my approaches and  clearly declared your disdain for me as a possible sex partner, I beg you to contemplate my  lowly position, and consider again the possibility of accepting me into your favour.'    You have to be very humble and polite, you see, so he's really convinced that you're  genuinely putting his feelings above your own.  When you kiss his feet, you should at first  be very tender and loving, as if they were very precious objects, and then build up to an  expression of passion and devotion which will make him feel you're making love to his feet -  which is what you must really be doing.  May I show you?"    For almost half an hour, Nicholas loses himself in making love to Gloria's feet - covering  them with a thousand kisses.  This may be his only chance and he can't help making the  most of it.     Gloria is very quiet and relaxed, and when he finally surfaces from his ecstasy and looks  up at her, he finds she is smiling down at him.    "I have to say that felt quite nice, Nicholas.  I can see the appeal."    Nicholas's cock surges at this comment, but he forces his mind back onto the lesson.    "Of course, as a woman, you must use your breasts in this foot worship as well.  Massage  his feet with them and have him rest his soles on your chest.  Then you can suck his toes at  the same time.  Oh yes, I am afraid an experienced Master will demand licking and sucking  as well as just kissing.  He may even test you, right at the beginning, by seeing if your foot  worship is of the token kissing variety, or the all out sucking and slobbering sort.  The more  uninhibited you are, the more he'll have to take your devotion seriously."    "Sounds like I'd better get some practice," said Gloria.  "Would you mind if I tried it on  you?"    Oh, the horror of having your dream Mistress prostrating herself and sucking your toes!   But then the sweet bliss of seeing her soft breasts naked for the first time in reality, and of  being begged to slap them about and tweak her nipples, as her hidden passions surface to  become her own tutor in subservience.     "Dear Nicholas, it's your turn again.  Show me what else I can do to make him want me."    Sinking gratefully to his knees once more, Nicholas demonstrates some ideas.    "Well, you can rest your head between his thighs, like this, while he's watching telly,  perhaps.  Or, while he's shaving, you can stand behind him and gently and repeatedly kiss  his bottom. May I demonstrate?"    With a face full of buttock, Nicholas takes the opportunity of lowering his nose and inhaling  deeply.    Ah, sweet smell of Mistress!  Perfume of pussy!  Incense of ecstasy!    At last Nicholas is happy!    Now all this had been taking place in the front room of Gloria's apartment, as Nicholas had  once imagined, and he was so immersed in the pleasure of having had his fantasy come  true in this manner that the surprise turn of events, when it came, shocked him to the core,  like nothing ever had before.    One night, when Nicholas had been certain he was alone with his darling, and was  teaching her by example how to lick armpits - a door opened!  And suddenly, none other  than the bastard boss from work himself strode into the room and right up to Gloria,  whereupon he clipped a thick metal collar around her neck!     Nicholas's world turned upside down, and the bastard boss saw this and gloated.    "Well done, my dear," he said to his slave Gloria, "for spotting his potential, as I spotted  yours.  What a secret hotbed of hidden passions our unsuspecting workplace has been!   My plan has worked, and now see what a comfortable threesome we have contrived!  Each  in his place.  My own position exalted; this worm, believe me, will be in raptures at the  double humiliation of being the slave of a slave.  And you my dear, exactly where, with all  your charms, you belong - cosily in the middle!  Now come!"  He gave both Gloria and  Nicholas a gentle pat on the shoulder.  "Let's all three of us retire to the dungeon!" 
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