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Erotic Stories and Poems Erotic Writing A Collection of Erotic Stories, Poems and Sex Fantasies ‘Ode to Sex’ is a collection of erotic writings. It includes 16 erotic stories on themes from spanking and SM, to threesome and group sex, to some perhaps more serious and intimate explorations of sexual relationships.  Titles include, Love Tunnel, A Letter from Mistress Slut, The Punishment School and A Gentleman’s Agreement. It also includes a longer story called Anything, about a submissive girl involved in a passionate triangle with two dominant men. Then follow 27 short sex fantasies, each presenting the reader with an erotic idea or scenario.  Titles include, Harem Heaven, Ice Maiden, Spanking, Lovebites, Slave Farm and The Slut. The book concludes with a selection of 28 sex poems, including Ode to my Favourite Lover, Men on my Mind, Submission and The Whipping. In all there is no question that this explicit, emotional and imaginative writing is inspired by a true  passion for sex. WORDCOUNT:  c 74,000
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