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Ode to my Favourite Lover

I doubt you'll ever read this - you'd think that I was mad. It's just that I've been thinking of the good times that we've had. For two years I have known you, though hardly known at all; We don't have long discussions, you hardly ever call. We don't talk about politics, our jobs, our friends, the past. Each time I come to see you I fear could be the last. You're naturally quiet, I think a little shy. As far as I can tell, a pretty normal sort of guy. But when we get together - your lovely 'welcome' smile; You wrap your arms around me, and it's heaven for a while. There's something good between us, a mutual sort of fit. I know that I'm your type, and as to my type - well you're it! The way you touch and hold me!  The way you're always hot! The way you always want to lick my pussy such a lot!! I love your sexy eyes, I love your shoulders and your hair. I love the silent, gentle, lazy pleasure that we share. The time goes by so quickly; three hours, often four, And all we've done is suck and fuck and lick and fuck some more. 'Pure sex' is what you call it.  It's always, always good. It feels so right and comfortable, the way good loving should. You know just what I need - you do it better than the rest. You're my pussy's soulmate - your loving is the best. I hold you in the fading light, and wonder at my luck, That I should have a lover who is such a brilliant fuck!
                                   Erotic Writing
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