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Men On My Mind

Sitting at my cousin's party, Dreaming of another place; Tiny flat in Islington And Gerry's balls against my face. Taking notes at Monday's conference; Sunday's threesome on my mind. God it was fantastic having One in front and one behind! Standing on the bus stop wondering Why I've such an urge to suck. J said David called this morning - That means three tonight, with luck! Now it's been a fortnight, And I'm desperate for some horny men. Nick and Chris are back on Friday; Do I have to wait till then? Only five more makes a hundred; Guess that means I'm pretty hot! Ought to make it someone special. Should I tell the guy or not? Sweaty, spunky, randy bastards - Fuck me, use me, take me rough! Call your friends, the more the better, 'Cos I just can't get enough!!
                                   Erotic Writing
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