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Harp Song of the Night Women

(Ackn:  Rudyard Kipling - Harp Song of the Dane Women)   What is a woman if you abuse her, Heartless and cruel in the way you use her, Couldn't care less if it means you lose her?   Is she a creature of joy and beauty? Is she an object of plunder and booty? Is she a slave who must do her duty?   What is a woman that you despise her, String her along so she's none the wiser, Turn out to be just another who buys her?   What is a man that his heart is hollow, Failing to lead where she's longing to follow, Promising always - tomorrow, tomorrow?   Is he a monster in evil fashion? Is he enthral to some nameless passion? Hateful and helpless in equal ration?   How can we work when our limbs are shaking? Why do we stay through your endless taking? How can we love when our souls are quaking?   What is woman if you forsake her? Think she will do whatever you make her? You can try but you'll never break her!  
                                   Erotic Writing
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