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Gang Bang Fantasy

Twelve men and one woman - what really happens One says, sorry, I'm gay. One says, sorry, I'm being faithful to my wife. One says, oo, I'd love to darling, but I've just screwed someone else. One says, no way, she's too fat for me. One says, what, fuck her in front of all these other guys?  I couldn't. One says, I'm sorry but I prefer to get to know the lady first. One says, use a condom?  No chance. One says, shit..sorry..I can't seem to..God I hate these things! One says, nah, she's been around a bit too much for me. One says, can I just spunk on your tits? One says, well I'd love a go, but I've got to be at a meeting. One says, yes please, you're so gorgeous, come here quick - aahh, whoops, sorry! She says, back to the gang bang fantasy!
                                   Erotic Writing
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