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Fantasy Island - Extract

                                   Erotic Writing
No, she tells herself initially.  Wait till you’re on dry land.  How can you possibly come,  floating out here on the waves?  Save it till later.    But all those recent memories are flooding her mind.  That wonderful time recently up in the  jungle, and the amazing sessions in the cove.  Under the water, her pussy demands satisfaction.  She pulls herself up so she’s lying on the floating ring, her limbs sprawled, her bottom in the  water.  She laughs to herself – imagine a ship should come along to rescue them now, the lookout  spying a strange object in the sea.  “What is it, sailor?”  “Well, it looks like a naked woman, Captain.”  “You’ve gone mad, man – let me see.  Good God, you’re right!  A naked woman with big  breasts floating in the middle of the ocean with her legs open and – ”  Playing with herself.  Her hand creeps down to her crotch and she begins to press at herself very gently.  Her other  hand lingers on her breasts.  She thinks for a moment about how much pleasure her breasts have  been giving others in recent times – what compliments they have received, what kisses!  But now she is alone with them.  There is no hand caressing them, as there so often is.  No  arms thrown across them as in the night.  No fingers playing absent-mindedly – or purposefully –  with her nipples.  She regards them and finds them pleasing, but her caresses are minimal – it is male hands she  likes to see, and feel, squeezing and touching them, not her own.  Her pussy, however, continues to crave attention, and there is no-one here to provide it but  herself – though the waves lap pleasantly at her pussy lips.  Slowly, slowly, she arouses herself, her mind drifting, in tune with her body, on a sea of sexual  memories.  Alan and Geoff cradling her between them; Harry and Lee in a pile on top of her; Carl licking  her endlessly whilst three or four stiff cocks rub gently across her face.  Oh, the joy of having an extreme sexual fantasy – an orgy of lust and sweat and spunk and  orgasms – whilst knowing that it will in fact come true very soon, and not just once, but  repeatedly and often!  Gradually, as she expends more energy with her hand and with her mind, she feels her orgasm  approaching.  For a moment she hesitates.  It is as if the real world is receding, as she absorbs  herself in sweet sexual fantasies and memories.  How can she let herself go out here – doesn’t  she need to stay aware, make sure she’s holding the life ring and won’t get swept away?  There  are no male arms here now to protect her – suddenly she realises how much she needs them and  appreciates them, how wonderful it is to always feel looked after.  Oh, you’ll be alright, she tells herself, and gripping a little more firmly to the ring with her  legs, she allows her second hand to also join the action, her fingers taking the plunge.  She doesn’t often bring herself to orgasm now, as there are always so many other willing  hands and mouths and cocks ready to take on that task.  She rather enjoys the complete privacy  and abandonment of this moment.  No rush, no pressure.  No need to advise anyone else of the  event, no need to thank anyone, to flatter them or praise them for their skill.  She lingers just before the point of no return, suddenly looking at the sea all around her and  laughing to herself again at the ludicrousness of it.  She’s a mermaid, alone with the waves and the vast sky.  She comes with a cry that no-one  hears – except maybe a few fish below the waves, or a wandering dolphin.  And then she feels a  strange emotional outpouring – a primitive urge to commune with a deity.  Thank you, Neptune, she thinks, only half frivolously, for not letting me drown in the wreck.   Thank you to all the Gods for sending me this wonderful extra, unexpected life!  But when the last waves of pleasure have passed, she feels all of a sudden cold and scared and  unbearably lonely.  Suddenly the isolation of the sea is too much and she craves the safety and  comfort of the island – and her men.  She will look back on her private floating orgasm with  fondness, but now it is time to return to her companions, who will surely be waiting for her.  She slips into the water and begins to swim back towards the shore.  Now she absolutely can’t  wait to get back.  She swims as fast as she can back along the rope, sometimes pulling herself  along it, hand over hand, towards the beach.   Now she can see them – five or six of them – standing looking out towards her, concerned  surely, since she has been out there so long.  They wave as they see her approaching and she  waves back.  The men run towards the surf and swim out in a group to greet her.  She swims into their welcoming arms, their fierce kisses and utterances of admonishment more  wonderful than she can bear.  Yes, her solo sex session the sea was nice and special and precious – but here with her men is  where she belongs.  They don’t even make it to dry sand before the ravenous fucking starts. 
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