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Fantasy Island - Extract

From ‘Flipside Fantasy’ He lay back between the two women, but it seemed like he had got them both going and both of them presently reached for one of his hands and placed it on their snatch in a gentle but blatant request for attention. Now being the only man on a desert island with twenty six ladies meant that you soon had  to become an expert on how to please women, and he now felt he was as familiar and  comfortable with the workings of the female body as with his own.  But he wasn’t ambidextrous!  Bringing a woman off with his fingers was something he  generally did with his right hand!  Still, here was a challenge.  How difficult could it be?  And so he embarked on a task that not that many men in this world have successfully  completed – bringing two women to orgasm simultaneously with their fingers.  He did his absolute best, exploring gently then rubbing firmly – copying everything that  came more naturally with his right hand with his left hand as well.  He was rewarded by pleasing squelchiness and gasps of pleasure on both sides.  What an amazing moment, he thought to himself.  Lying on your back looking up at the  palm trees and the clear blue sky, with two naked women lying one on each side of you, and  both squirming against you and getting more and more excited as you give them sexual  pleasure.  As far as he could tell, both pussies were responding at almost the same rate.  “How are you doing, girls?” he asked when he thought they were both close.  “Very well!”  “Nearly there!”  A bit more symmetrical finger-play, and they both started to come, throwing themselves  towards each other for a passionate lesbian kiss as their bodies began to convulse in pleasure.  “Wow, oh yes!”  “Oh God, lovely!”  All in all, he was pretty pleased with himself.    Of course at that point he didn’t know how often he would have to repeat the same trick, for  Molly and Sue were also impressed and would soon be running around telling everyone about  it.  “He was amazing – he brought us off both at once!”  “Yes, you must try it!”  One thing led to another and three weeks later he was at last to have successfully brought  three women to simultaneous orgasm – one with each hand, and one with his tongue.  Much harder and requiring far more not-quite-successful attempts, was four at once – one  with his cock (sitting on top of him), two with his fingers (lying on each side) and one with his  tongue (sitting on his face).  He was quite exhausted afterwards but very proud of himself.  He  wished he knew whether any other man on the planet had ever done the same thing!  Now, nearly all the ladies on the island had turned out to be bi-sexual to some degree, so it  wasn’t long before everyone else was trying to achieve the simultaneous multiple orgasm  thing, and everywhere you went there were women lying around in groups of three or more,  fingering and licking each other together and all trying to come at exactly the same time.  It was a nice way to pass the time!   
                                   Erotic Writing
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