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Dogging - Extract - My new hobby

"I'm writing in to tell you about my new hobby.    It's called Dogging.    Honestly, if someone had told me about this sort of thing six months ago, I'd never have  believed them, never!  But I'm telling you, this is no fantasy - every word is true.    Now, like your average hot-blooded bloke, I spent my teens and early twenties obsessed  with sex, or rather, trying to get it.  I'm pretty good looking, with a good length cock, but I  didn't seem to do that well - too shy, I guess.    I went out with a few girls, but it was pretty stressful - sweet-talking them, trying to find out  what they wanted, or were prepared to give.    A few times I got lucky, but either blew it by getting overexcited when I at last got sight of a  pussy, or struggled so much with the dreaded condoms that all passion died.    Then there was Marge from the chip shop, who at least taught me a thing or two -  including how much I liked it when I at last got it right - but she moved up North a few  weeks after she'd seduced me - to be with her grandchildren!    Next, I fell in love with a catholic girl who wouldn't give out, so it was more nights of girlie  mags and sticky sheets, and living with constant frustration.    Pussy, pussy all around, but how the hell do you get into it?    But like they say, things happen when you're not expecting it, and it was one evening after  I'd been out with an old mate from school in West London, and sex was really the last thing  on my mind, that my big night came.    The traffic on the M4 was awful, even though it was late, and I was busting for a pee, after  a few too many pints earlier on.  In a bit of a panic, I came off at a junction and saw there  was a sign to some sort of country house or something, right nearby, so I turned in and  drove down this dark lane into a car park.    I was a bit annoyed that there were quite a few cars about, 'cause I wanted to take a leak  in private, but it was pitch black and I had to go, so I just hurried away from the car into  some undergrowth, and got rid of some excess liquid.    I guess I just headed back a slightly different way, and all of a sudden I came across some  people.  It was a real shock - I hadn't heard anything in advance to warn me - but there it  was, the most amazing scene happening in the semi-darkness, in the middle of nowhere!    There was a car - a big saloon - parked up close against the trees; actually it was probably  in a little lane leading away from the main car park.  There were at least ten people  standing around - all men, it seemed - but draped over the bonnet of the car was a  completely naked woman, her pale form easy to make out against the dark colour of the  car.   She was leaning forwards over it from the front, but as I watched, she turned round, her  big tits swinging.    I just stood still, paralysed, as one of the men came forward and lowered his head to suck  on the woman's nipples.  Then he fumbled with his fly and she pulled herself up so she was  sitting on the bonnet, her legs wide open.  A few seconds later, he was fucking her, and I -  much to my surprise - was experiencing my first ever live sex show!    The other men mainly stood around at a distance, and I was slightly embarrassed to  realise some of them were playing with themselves.  It was still such a shock to me, and I  was still sort of looking round for an explanation, or a catch, that I wasn't aroused myself at  first, but as the scene went on - as the guy kept fucking and fucking her really hard, and  she started to moan and cry out a bit - I suddenly got really horny.  When a different man  took the first one's place, I could hardly contain myself.    This couldn't be real - a gorgeous young woman getting fucked outdoors on the hood of a  car, apparently by strangers!    It seemed she came, making a bit of a noise, and a couple of people shushed her good-  naturedly, including one guy who, I only now saw, was standing beside her, holding her  hand.    She's his girlfriend, I realised.  He brings her here to get fucked!    Now that I'm used to this sort of thing, it's like it's commonplace, but I tell you - that first  time, I was so randy!  When your head's been so full of so much filth for so long, and to  suddenly come across real people doing outrageous things in public - well, it was a pretty  exciting moment.    Well, I could tell you I fucked her that first time, but to be truthful I didn't.  I was too unsure  about what was going on, though after watching two more guys take her and a few more  have a grope, I soon got the general idea.    I was holding my arousal back, and beginning to wonder if I should go for it and step  forward myself, when the couple relatively suddenly left - she pulled a dress on, got in the  car, and drove off with her bloke!  The men also dispersed casually, with a few murmurs of  conversation I didn't catch, and there I was, alone again in the woods, only with a massive  hard on.    I couldn't help it, I leant against a tree, and with a few rough strokes, ejected a bit more  liquid into the bushes!    Then slowly, I headed back to my car, in my mind already embellishing the memory of  what I had seen to include myself taking a more active part!    A guy was sitting in his car, with the window wound down, and he spoke to me as I walked  past.    "You should've had a go - she's a hot one."    I hesitated, still vaguely embarrassed, but then decided I might as well talk to someone  here who could tell me more about what I'd seen.    "I think I missed my chance," I said.    "Well, they usually stay longer, but you can never tell.  If there aren't enough of us here,  he takes her somewhere else."    I was brimming with questions.  Usually stay longer?  So that wasn't just a one-off?   Enough of us?  Who's us?  And where's somewhere else?  Don't say there are special  places where - ?    When I look back, I was so naive!  Of course there are special places.  Even in our  civilised, overpopulated, puritanical society, the age-old lustful decadence of shared  intimacy and orgiastic pleasure finds its outlet!    "Never mind, though," the guy in the car went on.  "There's at least another two couples  out there right now.  And that kinky red-haired bird is here nearly every night."  He chuckled  to himself.  "Started off trying to charge us a fiver a suck, but soon gave up on that.  No-  one's going to pay for it down here, when all you have to do is wait long enough and you'll  get it for free.  She keeps coming, though."    While he was talking, I was watching several other cars come and go, and beginning to  realise what it was I'd stumbled upon.  And the number of times I'd driven past on the  motorway up there, and not known!    "So where are these other couples?" I asked, imagining more naked women prancing  about amongst the trees.    "Well, that's the trouble - finding them, if you don't follow from the beginning."  He nodded  over at a couple of men who were disappearing into the trees.  "You could try following  those two.  Or just wait.  It's been really busy the last few nights.  Wait til twelve or one  o'clock - you're bound to get something."    Well, don't ask me why but I didn't stay that night.  I was shattered, I guess, and still a bit  shell-shocked by what I'd seen.    But twenty four hours and about five really easy wanks later, I was back, and my secret  life as a dogger had begun.    My first woman was a plump blonde girl.  Really pretty, and all giggly and bashful.  I  thought she was gorgeous, and when the guy who was with her asked if I wanted to fuck  her, this time, I was up there like a shot.    I was surprised as well at the buzz I got out of performing with other men - and sometimes  women - looking on.  Compared to some of the other blokes there, I guess I was not bad  looking, so it seems I was the sort of guy they liked to see doing the fucking.    The women certainly seemed to like me, as I found out on this first - well, second, but first  active - night.  You could see them looking round at the crowd for who to reach out to next,  and I guess I was - am - the right age and shape.    Immediately after this plump girl, everyone rushed off to another gathering nearby, and to  my amazement I was up another pussy - an older woman, who dug long nails into my back  as I rode her, stretched out flat on the damp ground.    Within the next hour I'd had a play with, or a suck from, three more women, and before I  left, my fuck score was up to three, as the redhead the guy in the car had mentioned, and  who seemed to be keeping some kind of score herself, singled me out as a newcomer and  let me have a quick tumble in a nearby field.    The following night, the couple I'd seen that very first time visited again, and to my great  pleasure, I got to take that beautiful lady across the front of that multi-purpose car!  (Her  name is Melanie, incidentally, and I've seen - and had - her several times now.)    By the end of the week, I'd fucked twelve different women in those woods, and my sex life  had been transformed.    The magic of the place is that it acts as a magnet and funnel for - not just pussy, but  available, willing, experienced and free pussy!    All the pubs and nightclubs in the city can't match up to a place where you know every  woman who's there is giving out, and to several guys at a time, at that!    Now, I'm not going to tell your readers where this place is - or the other places like it I've  found out about on the grapevine - but I'll give you some clues, a few key words, and, if you  don't know already, you can go and see for yourself that what I'm saying is true.    Car parks.  Motorways.  Woods.  Friday and Saturday evenings.    That's all you need.    See you in the bushes, guys!  And trust me, there's plenty of juicy pussy to go round!" 
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