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Excruciating, maddening, I don't think I can bear it!

It wasn't my idea - I was influenced, I swear it! The house is full of relatives, it's really quite a crowd. My mother being critical, my cousins being loud. My husband's in the garden entertaining baby nieces.. My lover's in the kitchen, and I'm going all to pieces! I'm trying to make coffee, and his hands are getting daring - He'd better slow it down or I'll be past the point of caring! He's supposed to be the lodger, though it's clear they think it's fishy; Except for little sister, who's declared him 'rather dishy'. I'm sure there's too much small talk - was the turkey that delicious? I'm watching faces carefully to see who's most suspicious. But maybe I'm just paranoid - it's not that easily solved. Okay, maybe our lodger seems a little too involved. But look at hubby cracking jokes - so obviously at ease. This lot are so conventional, they won't see wood for trees! But now they've started leaving - with a maximum of fuss! It's gradually quieter, till at last there's only us. "Well that wasn't too bad," says our 'lodger' with a smile. "You see," says hubby wickedly, "it wasn't such a trial!" I'm so supremely happy, as I take each by the hand; I'd love to tell my family - but they'd never understand!
                                   Erotic Writing
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